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Juvederm Volift Retouch with Lidocaine (2×0.55ml)

0.55 ml
2 syringes of 0.55 ml, 2 x 30G 1/2 needles


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Youthful looks and glowing appearance are something every person out there is seeking. We are more than sure all of us had complained about annoying wrinkles or other aging signs during our lifetime, so no wonder some people finally came out with an effective solution. Juvederm Volift Retouch – an injectable hyaluronic acid gel by the Allergan manufacturer; thanks to its excellent characteristics, this product is more than perfect for those with dull skin and lost facial volume.

Below, you will find detailed instructions for this injection, along with some recommendations from professionals in the aesthetic field. Let’s learn more about Juvederm together!

Note: In order to buy at Fillercloud, you’ll need to demonstrate a valid license that proves your qualification. 

Main Information About Juvederm Volift Retouch with Lidocaine

Compared to other dermal fillers by the Allergan brand, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in this one is less (17,5 mg/ml with 3mg/ml of lidocaine hydrochloride). That’s why it’s considered universal and suitable for practically any facial zone. Lidocaine in the composition makes the process painless and quick; if a person has low pain tolerance, a light local anesthetic is also used to eliminate any discomfort like the pain from the needle that punctures the skin.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin guarantees almost immediate results and noticeable skin improvement for patients. Hever, it is important to remember that procedures can be performed only by a licensed medical professional. Incorrect administration techniques can lead to unexpected complications and even life-threatening conditions.

If the treatment with Juvederm Volift Retouch Lidocaine is performed correctly, a client may expect the effect to last up to nine months. We’d recommend having a maintenance procedure every half a year if you didn’t make the results last longer.

Who Can Use Juvederm Volift for Skin Improvement

With the help of unique patented VYCROSS technology, Allergan created a dermal filler that meets all safety standards and can be easily used in clinics or beauty centers. The high quality of the facial filler made it one of the favorites of every authorized medical practitioner out there; 90% of people who had it injected were satisfied with the final result, which is the best proof of its good reputation.

The injectable implant intended to eliminate deep skin depressions also works perfectly well for facial contouring and lip volumes improvement. Typically, beauticians choose it to perform the following treatments:

  • To correct facial structural defects like asymmetry in certain facial zones;
  • Deep facial wrinkles elimination (nasolabial folds, marionette lines, crow’s feet, and so on);
  • Lips mucosa injection for additional augmentation and shaping;
  • Volume restoration in the hollowed areas;
  • Smin moisturizing in certain facial areas;
  • Etc.

After the injection session, patients may expect smooth and natural effects and fast improvement; however, a few days are required in order for the filler to settle down under the skin entirely.

Note: Before the treatment with Juvéderm Volift Retouch, a consultation with a medical professional is needed to calculate the number of appointments, dosage, and other important aspects vital for a successful session. 

Limitation to the Injection Session

Who cannot use this innovative injectable facial filler? Those with:

  • Individual sensitivity to any component of the product;
  • Inflammations, damages, or other problems in the treated zone (for example, herpes);
  • Autoimmune and dermatological diseases;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding period in women;
  • And so on.

It is better to talk to a medical professional in order to discuss a possible alternative to perfect one’s skin condition. Many injectables by famous brands are available on the Fillercloud website, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Expected Adverse Reactions

The list of side effects expected after the Juvederm deep wrinkles is pretty similar to symptoms of any other product. Typically, patients experience such minor inconveniences:

  • Pain;
  • Redness;
  • Minimal swelling;
  • Bruising;
  • Tenderness;
  • Sensitivity.

All adverse reactions should be gone a few days after the appointment, but sometimes minor complications may appear, so it is better to keep in touch with an aesthetic medicine expert constantly.

In order for symptoms to disappear faster, it is recommended to follow certain tips like avoiding hot places, stopping massaging, don’t use heavy make-up, and so on. Individual advice may be given to a person by their doctor.

Is It Possible to Buy Juvederm Volift Retouch Online on Fillercloud?

Fillercloud is a well-known supplier for specialists who work in the aesthetic medicine sphere. The reliability and first-class service we provide to every customer are the main things that helped us to grow quickly and deserve the trust of thousands of clients out there.

By using our services, you’ll get a chance to benefit from the following bonuses we offer:

  • Wide range of goods for medical practitioners;
  • Affordable prices compared to other suppliers;
  • Bonuses and special offers;
  • Reliable, fast delivery all around the world;
  • Well-trained customer support team to assist during every step of the ordering process.

In case you’d like to place an order in our online store, you should register on the website first. All because we need to see your valid license before confirming the order. Why? All products available here are for professional use only; an unqualified person can cause a lot of damage and lead to life-threatening conditions in the patient.

Choose the most comfortable way to get in touch with us – via phone, email, or a chat window on the site. We will make sure the ordering process is clear and understandable for you.

In case you need more information about the variety of goods available, brands, registration process, ordering, shipping, or any other aspect of our work, contact us during working hours indicated on the Contact Us page. We’ll gladly help you have the best customer experience with our company. Fillercloud can’t wait for our successful future cooperation!

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