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The cosmetic brand Saypha takes a decent place on the market of dermal fillers and injectables. Founded in 1976, the Austrian pharmaceutical company CHROMA has elaborated injectable hyaluronic-acid gels that became the global standard of premium quality for dermal injectables and preparations.

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Premium quality dermal fillers Saypha

All dermal fillers from the brand Saypha are premium quality Austrian products for contour plastics and bio revitalization. Saypha aesthetic treatments are based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin produced using the unique patented technology SMART. It helps to achieve strong structure and high plasticity of the final product.

Moreover, hyaluronic acid fillers from Saypha are free of endotoxins and foreign proteins, being perfectly bio combinable and suitable even for sensitive skin types. The composition of Saypah (Princess) filler is comprised of:

  • cross-linked hyaluronic acid – active ingredient
  • BDDE – 0,53 ppm (0.05%) – one of the lowest indicators on the market
  • endotoxins – less than 0.05 (eu/ml)
  • lidocaine (variable) – 0.03%

At the present moment, the range of different aesthetic treatments manufactured by Chroma is no wide and is represented by the following 6 products:

  • Saypha Rich Croma Pharma, Croma Saypha Rich;
  • Saypha Filler;
  • Saypha FILLER Lidocaine 0,3%;
  • Saypha Volume;
  • Saypha Volume Lidocaine 0,3%;
  • Saypha Volume Plus.

Hopefully, in the nearest future, we will see more developments and innovations from Saypha. However, even these 6 fillers can cope with an extremely wide range of aging and other aesthetic imperfections:

  • eliminate fine lines in the perioral and periorbital areas
  • smooth moderate facial wrinkles like furrows on the forehead or glabellar lines
  • fill in moderate to severe facial wrinkles, e.g., nasolabial folds
  • replenish facial volume loss due to the natural processes of aging in the areas of temples, cheeks, mid-face, and chin
  • increase lip volume, correct the shape and asymmetry, define lips contours
  • improve skin elasticity and turgor
  • improve skin tone
  • hydrate mid to deep dermis

As you see, the aesthetic tasks of Saypha filler are divergent and can satisfy the needs of the skin of any type and of different ages.

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The line of Saypha dermal fillers

Dermal injectables manufactured by the Austrian pharmaceutical company CHROMA enlist 6 cross-linked hyaluronic acid products: Saypha Rich, Saypha Filler, Saypha FILLER Lidocaine 0,3%, Saypha Volume, Saypha Volume Lidocaine 0,3%, Saypha Volume Plus. All these products possess unique technical characteristics to fight various aesthetic imperfections and provide the most beautiful and long-lasting results.

Saypha RICH

This is a product for mesotherapy that deeply nourishes and hydrates mid to deep dermis, boosting inner rejuvenating processes and providing a youthful, fresh, and healthy appearance of the skin.


Hyaluronic acid filler with middle-level density for the increasing volume of the lips and correction of moderate to severe wrinkles.

Saypha Filler Lidocaine

This is the same basic filler for enhancing the lip volume and elimination of middle to deep wrinkles with adding the lidocaine anesthetic to minimize the painful sensations during the injection.


Saypha Volume is a dense filler with a concentration of hyaluronic acid of 23 mg per ml. The product is indicated for facial tissue augmentation and remodeling of the facial contours.

Saypha VOLUME Lidocaine

To make the procedure less painful and more comfortable, the manufacturer has added anesthetic lidocaine to the formulation of Saypha Volume (Princess) filler.

Saypha VOLUME Plus

This is the densest gel in the saypha dermal fillers family with a concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid of 25 mg per ml. The doctors use these products when sufficient volume and oval of the face correction are required.

Benefits of Saypha dermal injectables

Thousands of doctors and patients worldwide choose Saypha fillers. The brand is represented in more than 100 countries. What distinguishes saypha filler from CROMA from other brands?

  • high biocompatibility of non-organic cross-linked hyaluronic acid
  • the minimal content of BDDE cross-linking agent
  • minimal swelling and side effects after the treatment
  • predictable natural-looking results
  • minimal risk of hypercorrection
  • long-lasting results up to 9 months and more

How to buy saypha online on Fillercloud?

Full Saypha filler range of products is available for purchase on We are an international wholesale company with many years of experience in the cosmetic market and thousands of satisfied customers.

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