1. General Information

The Fillercloud website does its best to provide its users with products and services of the highest quality. If the User experiences any complications with the order, the User should contact the Website’s customer support team as soon as possible and provide it with a detailed overview of the complication. The Website retains the right to accept or deny the User’s complaint based on the provided information.

2. Return of the Product

The Website does not accept any kind of Product’s returns. If the User used the Product and experienced any complications with it, the User should contact the Website’s Support as soon as possible and keep the details on the Product, including but not limited to the Product’s lot number or expiration date, in the User’s file. The User should keep the Product the User wants to return until the User receives further guidance from the Website’s Support.

3. Refund for the Order

The Website might provide the User with a partial or full refund for the User’s Order. The Website retains the right to accept or deny the User’s Refund application at the Website’s discretion. The Website takes up the issue of a Refund under different circumstances, including but not limited to the situations when the User receives a damaged package, the Website misrepresents the Product and/or its package while the User places the Order, the Product that is received by the User is proven to be inactive during its initial usage. The User should contact the Website’s Support as soon as possible to determine whether the User’s Order qualifies for a Refund. If the Website qualifies the User’s Order as the one that is eligible for a Refund, the User might request the replacement of the Order, a money Refund for the Order, or the equivalent to the Order account credit that might be used during further purchases on the Website. The Website reserves the right to offer the Refund type at the Website’s discretion. Please note that the Website does not guarantee a Refund in all circumstances.

5. Possibility of Amendments

The Website reserves the right to amend this Refund Policy at any time. The Website should provide the User with major amendments with the help of an email or by means of the notice on the Website. However, the Website is not obliged to inform the User about each new amendment in a personal way. It is the responsibility of the User to review the Website’s Refund Policy periodically.

6. Inquiries of the User

To provide the User with the best possible service, the Website is eager to receive the User’s questions, concerns, or complaints in regard to this Refund Policy via email or phone. Please note that the User’s phone talk with the Website’s representatives might be recorded.

download form

You may download the form, complete it and email back to info@fillercloud.com.
Or fax it at 360.768.3126

As the holiday season is upon us - Friday, December 8 is the last day of accepting orders in 2023! Standard turnaround time on most orders will resume at the beginning of January. Make sure to stock up before December 8! Happy Holidays!