1. General Information

The below-mentioned terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) regulate the relationships between the Fillercloud website fillercloud.com (“Website”) and its users (“User/s”). They define the website use policy (“Use Policy”). These Terms & Conditions do not serve as a substitution for any official agreement between the Website and the User.


Note that the continuous usage of the Website by the User is regarded as the User’s Acceptance of the Website’s Terms & Conditions. Do not continue using the Website if you do not accept the Terms & Conditions.

2. Website Operation

The Website is not a pharmacy, but it works with licensed pharmacies in many jurisdictions. The Website operates in Canada and other countries worldwide to provide Users with efficient processing of requests for prescription fulfillment services and affordable medical supplies. Fillercloud only sells products to authorized customers with medical licenses who have completed our account opening form.

3. Intellectual Property

The Website’s content (”Content”), including all the trademarks, is the intellectual property of the Website. The copying or reproduction of the Content in any manner is strictly forbidden and regarded as a violation of the Website’s copyright.

4. Purpose of the Information on the Website

The information (“Information”) that is provided on the Website has exclusively informative purposes. It should not be regarded as a substitution for any medical or legal advice. It is the responsibility of the User to read the labels and the information provided by the manufacturer of the product (“Product”) and consult with a licensed health care provider on medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment before purchasing or using the Product.

5. Collection of the Personal Data and Privacy Policy

In order to process the request of the User, the Website is required to collect the personal data (“Personal Data”) of the User and convey it to certain third parties. The Website is at the same time required to safeguard the collected Personal Data of the User in accordance with the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) of the Website. By means of enclosing the Personal Data to the Website, the User agrees to its collection.

6. Account of the User

The User has to create the User’s account (“Account”) in order to use the Website. The User must be of the age of majority in the relevant for the User jurisdiction and have the necessary licensing to make a purchase (“Purchase”) on the Website. It is the responsibility of the User to provide the correct and valid information when creating the Account on the Website.

7. Security of the User’s Account

The User is responsible for the security of the User’s Account, including the confidentiality of the User’s username and password. The User should not share the Account’s details with third parties. The usage of the User’s username and password serves as proof of the User’s identity for the Website that allows it to collect information and process requests from the Account.

8. Termination of the User’s Account

The Website reserves the right to terminate the Account of the User for any reason, including the User’s disclosure of the Account details to third parties or the violation of the Website’s Terms & Conditions. The Website is not obliged to notify the User concerning the reason for the termination of the User’s Account.

9. Responsibility for the Purchase

The User is responsible for the Purchase that is made. Namely, it is the responsibility of the User to make sure that the Purchase meets the requirements of the relevant jurisdiction in regard to import laws, restrictions, and regulations. The Website reserves the right to deny the User’s request for the Purchase for any reason, including the suspicion that the Purchase might be unlawful.

10. Availability of Products and Services

The Website endeavors to regularly update the Information on the availability (“Availability”) of the stock (“Stock”). However, the Website is not responsible for the absence of any Product in Stock or the outdated Information on the Availability of the Product on the Website. Likewise, the Website is not responsible if you are unable to access the Website or experience a delay in the processing of your request for any reason.

11. Liability

The Website does its best to process your request through your Account and through the Website’s phone number. The Website is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damage arising out of the use or inability to use the website. Moreover, the Website is not responsible for interrupted service, damage that might occur to computer systems or anything likewise during the usage of the Website. All the risks associated with the usage of the Website remain under the responsibility of the User.

12. Links to Third-Party Websites

The Information on the Website might include links to third-party websites. However, the Website is not responsible for any information on third-party websites. The Website’s linking to third-party websites does not signify that the Website approves or endorses these third-party websites. It is the responsibility of the User to decide whether to leave the Website and follow the link to third-party websites.

13. Severability

If any paragraph of these Terms & Condition becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, it should not have any influence on the remaining paragraphs that continue in full effect.

14. Possibility of Amendments

The Website reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time. The Website should provide the notice of major amendments on the Website’s pages. However, the Website is not obliged to inform the User about each new amendment in a personal way. It is the responsibility of the User to review the Website’s Terms & Conditions periodically.

15. Inquiries of the User

To provide the User with the best possible service, the Website is eager to receive the User’s questions, concerns, or complaints in regard to these Terms & Conditions via email or phone. Please note that the User’s phone talk with the Website’s representatives might be recorded.

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