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Profhilo – a new anti-ageing dermal filler brand by the Belgian company IBSA Farmceutici. Thanks to the stabilized hybrid complexes of hyaluronic acid perfected with the help of NANYCO heat treatment technology, as well as patented by the pharmaceutical company IBSA (Italy), it became a unique product with the best aesthetic results (skin lifting and elasticity improvement).

Every injectable by the Profhilo brand includes 8 times more hyaluronic acid per syringe than other traditional dermal fillers, so it is possible to deal even with the most severe skin depressions and fill in deep lines and creases on the facial area.

Various products by the Profhilo brand are available on the Fillercloud website, along with other brands wildly known in the aesthetic medicine sphere. Check out our online store to see the wide range we offer you.

Basic Characteristics of the Profhilo Brand for Injectable Treatments

Profhilo fillers are products mainly used for non-surgical aesthetic treatments in the beauty industry. It is meant to be injected subcutaneously into target areas previously discussed with a professional to achieve youthful skin looks and the improvement of its condition in general. This type of dermal filler gains its trustworthiness thanks to fantastic working principles and final natural results after the administration session.

What Is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a relatively new brand of injectable fillers which includes ultra-pure hyaluronic acid of both low- and high-molecular-weight, which is a naturally-occurring substance in the human body. Not only can it improve dull-looking skin, but it also boosts collagen and elastin production of four types in the body (in this way, the positive effect may last much longer). Thanks to that, slow release of hyaluronic acid begins, and skin tone, texture, as well as outlook, in general, become noticeably improved.

Working Principle of the Injectable

Due to the innovative formula used in the injectable’s composition, the growths of such beneficial substances as fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and adipocytes become more active, and the restoration of one’s own subcutaneous fat and younger-looking skin cells lost with age is possible.

Besides, a special supportive skin framework is created, and the elasticity is improved by filling in deep lines and wrinkles, lifting sagging skin, boosting tissue quality, and so on. After the treatment, patients may expect firm and luminous skin, which can be hard to achieve pretty often.

How Can Profhilo Help in the Appearance Improvement?

After trying Profhilo treatment, people may experience different types of improvement and a beautiful, youthful appearance. This product may be extremely helpful for the following aesthetic goals and purposes:

  • Improved and stimulated dermal cells activity;
  • Skin firmness improvement;
  • Moisturizing (Profhilo can act as a hydrating treatment);
  • Skin laxity elimination;
  • Fine lines and creases reduction in various facial areas;
  • Remodeling of the sagging tissue;
  • Elastin and collagen production boost to get rid of signs of ageing;
  • And many others.

Because of the unique, universal formula of the injectable remedy, it can be used in practically any part of the upper body and face, namely:

  • Face (smile lines, smoker’s lines, nasolabial folds, crows feet, etc.);
  • Hands;
  • Arms;
  • Decolette;
  • Neck.

After the appointment, it is possible to enjoy the improved skin quality lasting for up to six months (the durability depends on the type of Prifhilo filler used during the session, as well as individual skin characteristics).

The Profhilo brand of injectables cannot be used for patients with allergies to any components included in the composition, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those who have untreated skin conditions or damage in the target zone.

Procedure Protocol for Profhilo Dermal Fillers

Profhilo treatments are typically fast and painless because of the special structure of the gel itself. Before the administration, the target zone is carefully cleaned so topical anesthetic can be applied to it to eliminate any discomfort that may be caused by the needle.

Afterward, the gel is carefully injected under the skin in a small and smooth manner to avoid skin tissue irritation. If needed, a specialist can perform a special massage session to spread out the filler nicely under the skin and make sure all hollow areas are filled in well.

Right after the administration, the product starts attracting water to the deep skin tissue and, in this way, provides intense hydration after the first treatment already.

Combine the Product With other Treatments to Get Better Results

Products by Profhio can not only work perfectly fine and provide skin glow on their own but are also able to be used in combination with other aesthetic treatments for more impressive results in the end. The following procedures may be great examples of it:

  • Contour plastics. Together with Profhilo, it becomes possible to get better and more defined facial volume correction;
  • Laser techniques. With its help, it becomes easier to get rid of tissue inflammations and make skin healing faster in general;
  • Thread lifting. By using Profhilo after the thread lifting session, you can prolong the effect and make it more noticeable overall.

How Can I Buy Profhilo in the USA Online?

Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy supplier to buy aesthetic medicine products for your clinic from? Fillercloud is here to help you out!

Years of experience in this niche helped us become real experts in this sphere. People choose our online store because of a few very simple yet understandable reasons:

  • We offer products by worldwide-known brands to our clients;
  • The prices in our store a lower compared to other suppliers;
  • You may get bonuses for each order;
  • We provide quick and safe worldwide delivery;
  • The professional customer support team is always here, ready to assist.

In order to buy injectables by Profhilo on Fillercloud, you need to finish a few easy requirements:

  • Create your personal account on this website;
  • Add all products you need to the cart;
  • Order the delivery.

If you are not a board-certified professional with a valid license, you won’t be able to leave an order here. Safety is the number-one priority in the beauty sphere, and usage of dermal fillers by amateurs is dangerous and may lead to dangerous, even life-threatening, conditions. 

You can order on Fillercloud at any comfortable for you time, as well as get in touch with our sales representatives during our working hours indicated on the website. Ask if there are any questions about the aesthetic products, brands, delivery, or our working process. We are always here for you to help!

We are looking forward to our successful cooperation in the future, so consider us as your reliable supplier. Choose Fillercloud today!

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