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The world of aesthetic medicine contains a wide range of brands that produce cosmetic injectables of different kinds. Namely, you might come across such world-known trademarks as Juvederm, Radiesse, or Sculptra.

Another brand of cosmetic injectables that deserves your attention is Revanesse. While producing revolutionary dermal fillers, the trademark ensures a natural-looking and durable rejuvenation and enhancement of a patient’s overall appearance.

So, let’s delve into the detailed overview of Revanesse, the brand “for those who shape their reality” (as its website suggests).

The Revanesse Brand

Revanesse is a popular brand of cosmetic injectables that are extensively used by health care practitioners all around the world. Thus, it is worth taking a closer look at its manufacturer, main active substance, technology, expected result, and key benefits.

The Manufacturer

The manufacturer of Revanesse is Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc., a pharmaceutical company that concentrates on the research and production of dermal fillers. The narrow field of specialization allows it to be a real expert in the sphere of cosmetic injectables.

After being founded in Canada in 2002, Prollenium has grown into a global company with numerous FDA-approved products. These days, about 4 million Revanesse syringes have already been used worldwide.

The Main Substance

The main substance of Revanesse cosmetic injectables is hyaluronic acid (or HA, as it is often abbreviated). It has the following characteristics:

  • The innovative method of cross-linking;
  • The non-animal origin;
  • The high viscosity;
  • The great level of purity.

Therefore, the key active ingredient of Revanesse products might be described as highly viscous, pure, and cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.

Please note: Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the human body substance that has a positive effect on skin quality, hydration, and glow. Therefore, its synthetic version is oftentimes used as the main substance of cosmetic injectables.

Other ingredients that are oftentimes used in Revanesse products are:

  • Lidocaine. It is a local anesthetic that reduces a painful sensation during the injection of a dermal filler;
  • Phosphate buffer. It is an ingredient of a dermal filler that stabilizes the pH level during the injections.

The Revanesse commitment to high-quality ingredients makes the above-mentioned composition efficient, safe, and durable.

The Technology

All Revanesse dermal fillers are produced with the help of Thixofix, which is a unique technology. It is an innovative and advanced method that allows the creation of a remarkably homogeneous cosmetic injectable with hyaluronic acid particles of the spherical shape.

As a result of the above-mentioned cross-linking technology, any Revanesse cosmetic filler leads to:

  • A natural-looking effect. Namely, a Revanesse dermal filler that is manufactured with the help of Thixofix technology ensures a perfect balance between smoothness and volume of the skin after the injection;
  • Prolonged durability. The spherical shape of particles in Revanesse fillers is well-accepted by the human body. Therefore, they break down very slowly. On average, the effect of a Revanesse filler lasts up to 24 months;
  • Reduced swelling. Any dermal filler injection might lead to an increased risk of swelling. However, its occurrence has been reduced in Revanesse products (if compared to other cosmetic fillers) thanks to Thixofix technology.

Therefore, the innovative manufacturing technique of Revanesse range of cosmetic injectables ensures a natural-looking and durable effect with little to no risk of swelling.

The Expected Result

The expected result of the Revanesse treatment is a profound rejuvenation and enhancement of a patient’s skin. It is usually achieved with the help of:

  • Filling in folds, fine lines, and wrinkles (such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, or crow’s feet);
  • Restoring volume of the sunken or depressed areas of the skin (for instance cheeks or chin);
  • Taking care of thin and dehydrated lips (by means of augmenting and moisturizing them).

As well, the injection of Revanesse fillers is expected to rejuvenate mid to deep dermis “from within” by means of accelerating the natural production of collagen and elastin at the treatment site.

As a result, a patient who undergoes the treatment with the Revanesse line of cosmetic injectables should receive immediate results in terms of enhanced skin quality and, therefore, a youthful appearance.

The Key Benefits

The motto of Revanesse cosmetic injectables states that “not all dermal fillers are created equal.” Indeed, each brand of cosmetic injectables has its own peculiarities.

Below, you will find a list of key benefits of Revanesse products:

  • A unique formula;
  • High-quality ingredients;
  • Innovative manufacturing technology;
  • Rigorous quality testing;
  • Remarkable results.

Together, these advancements make Revanesse cosmetic fillers belong to the most advanced products in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Please note: Another benefit of the Revanesse brand is its increased safety. However, it might still lead to allergic reaction, abscess formation, or glabellar necrosis in rare cases. Therefore, it is essential to let a health care practitioner investigate your health care condition before getting the preparation injected.

The Revanesse Product Line

The Revanesse product line consists of several dermal fillers with different indications, such as:

So, let us take a closer look at each above-mentioned product.


Revanesse dermal filler is the so-called “classic” product in the brand’s range. It is based on a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (25 mg/ml) and is used to treat folds, fine lines, and wrinkles.

While being the most “fundamental” representative of the Revanesse line, it might be involved in treatments of various mild to middle skin imperfections. According to numerous clinical trials, the product ensures an optimal result in terms of its efficiency and duration.

Revanesse Versa

Revanesse Versa is the so-called “universal” dermal filler. It is one of the most popular cosmetic injectables in the brand’s product line.

The high viscosity of the product allows it to be used as a treatment of pronounced lines of a patient’s face. It is especially effective to take care of such deep wrinkles as nasolabial folds.

What differs Revanesse Versa from other cosmetic fillers in the brand’s product line is a special 1.2 ml syringe size that provides a very efficient result of the treatment.

Revanesse Ultra

Revanesse Ultra is also based on a cross-linked and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (25 mg/ml). It has an extremely heightened viscosity and is therefore used to:

  • Treat mid to deep wrinkles;
  • Shape facial features.

Please note: Apart from the above-mentioned indications for the injection of Revanesse Ultra, it might also be injected for the overall skin rejuvenation and hydration.

Revanesse Contour

Revanesse Contour works perfectly well when it comes to the need to contour a patient’s face. The highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (25 mg/ml) in the composition of the cosmetic filler allows to efficiently restore volume of skin tissues, and therefore, provide a patient with the so-called “volumizing contouring.”

Among the main facial parts that might be contoured with the help of Revanesse Contour are cheeks and chin. Therefore, the product might serve as a minimally invasive alternative to the procedure of a facial lift.

Revanesse Kiss

Similar to most other fillers in the brand’s product line, Revanesse Kiss is based on a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (25 mg/ml). It is a lip filler that is specifically designed to:

  • Plump lips;
  • Take care of oral commissures (or, in other words, wrinkles in the perioral area).

Please note: Another cosmetic filler of the Revanesse brand that is manufactured for lip treatments is Revanesse Lips. It provides an instantly visible and natural-looking lip augmentation with little to no recovery time.

Revanesse Pure

Revanesse Pure is a way less concentrated dermal filler if compared to all the above-mentioned brand’s products, starting from Revanesse Ultra and ending with Revanesse Lips. It is based on 14 mg/ml hyaluronic acid and is used as a profound skin moisturizer and nourisher.

Where to Buy Revanesse Online?

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of the whole Revanesse line, you have come to the right place. Our website offers:

  • A wide range of cosmetic injectables from the well-known brands;
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Safety information: You have to be a certified health care practitioner in order to buy cosmetic injectables on our website.

Thus, place your order at any time and take advantage of a convenient way to buy Revanesse products for the most reasonable price.

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