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Juvederm Ultra 2 with Lidocaine (2×0.55ml)

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0.55 ml
Two 0.55 ml syringes, 30G 1/2 needles, and traceability labels


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  • Basic Properties of Juvederm Ultra 2

    Juvederm Ultra 2 is a cosmetic injectable with a smooth consistency that has a number of aesthetic indications. Its composition includes the following ingredients:

    • Biocompatible hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin (strength 24 mg/ml);
    • Lidocaine (strength 3 mg/ml);
    • Phosphate buffer.

    While hyaluronic acid serves as the main active substance of the Juvederm Ultra 2 dermal filler, lidocaine hydrochloride functions as an anesthetic that reduces the feeling of discomfort during the procedure. Phosphate buffer, in its turn, normalizes a patient’s pH level in the course of the injection. The hyaluronic acid gel of Juvederm Ultra 2 has a highly cross-linked formulation that is achieved due to advanced 3D Matrix technology. Thanks to it, the dermal filler acquires middle density and maintains in the human body for a substantial period of time.

    The treatment protocol of Juvederm Ultra 2 assumes the administration of the injectable filler into either the middle skin dermis or the lip mucous membrane of a patient’s skin with the help of a 30G 1/2 needle.

    On average, the smooth gel remains under the skin’s surface for up to 12 months. Therefore, it ensures a durable result for each and every patient.

    What’s in the box? The standard package of Juvederm Ultra 2 includes two pre-filled syringes with 0.55 ml of the product, two sterile needles of the 30G 1/2 size, and traceability labels.

  • Indications for Usage

    Juvederm Ultra 2 has a wide range of indications. While having the power to efficiently fight age-related issues, the dermal filler has the following functions:

    • It fills medium facial lines;
    • It enhances lip contour and takes care of vertical lip lines;
    • It restores lost facial volume and, as a result, makes facial contours well-defined.

    As well, the hyaluronic acid in the composition of a product keeps a patient’s skin hydrated by means of accelerating natural collagen and elastin production.

    The preparation does a great job when it comes to treating delicate areas of the skin. Its main application areas include:

    • The facial oval;
    • Lips.

    Therefore, Juvederm Ultra 2 belongs to dermal fillers that are designed to take care of skin depressions (namely, smile lines, marionette lines, and minor wrinkles in the upper surface area of a patient’s skin), improve the lip shape, and restore the volume the skin loses during the aging process.

  • Contraindications

    Just like all other dermal fillers, Juvederm Ultra 2 has a number of contraindications. It cannot be used for a subtle correction of a patient’s overall appearance under the following circumstances:

    • Severe allergies to any ingredient in the product’s composition (like hyaluronic acid or lidocaine);
    • Serious health issues (such as an autoimmune disease, diabetes mellitus, or poor blood clotting);
    • Ongoing skin infections (on both treated and untreated areas of the skin);
    • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

    To exclude the presence of the above-mentioned limitations to the procedure, a patient should consult with a health care practitioner beforehand.

  • Possible Side Effects

    The process of treating fine lines and correcting minor wrinkles with the help of Juvederm Ultra 2 is pretty safe. Therefore, it rarely leads to any serious complications. However, a patient might notice the following side effects after the injection of the product:

    • Painful sensations or discomfort around the area of the treatment;
    • Skin irritation at the injection site (oftentimes followed by redness, itching, or swelling);
    • Bruising.

    These symptoms are considered to be normal. They tend to disappear on their own and, therefore, do not require any medical help in most cases. However, a patient should nevertheless consult with a health care practitioner in case of noticing any side effects after the procedure.

  • After-Treatment Recovery Recommendations

    A patient might substantially prolong the result of the procedure and minimize the possibility of any complications by means of following these simple after-treatment recovery recommendations for the first 48 hours after the procedure:

    • Avoid direct sun exposure and apply sun-protecting cream to the treatment area;
    • Evade excessive heat by means of excluding saunas or hot bath tubes;
    • Do not wear heavy makeup on the skin that has been treated;
    • Stay away from pushing, pulling, and rubbing the injection site.

    This way, you will ensure an attractive, natural-looking, and durable result of the treatment!

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