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Buy Fat-Dissolving Injections for Body Sculpting Online on FillerCloud

Sometimes, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle might not be enough to achieve the body of your dreams. The main reason for this is that unwanted fat in certain facial or body areas does not dissolve without using any auxiliary treatments.

Luckily, contemporary aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of fat-dissolving injections to help you eliminate stubborn fat cells and, therefore, create an attractive body contouring. Below, you will be able to check out the details of these treatments and learn where to buy them advantageously.

The administration of a fat-dissolving product is a cosmetic procedure intended for professional use. Only a certified healthcare provider with a valid medical license can shop for fat-dissolving injections online and use them in practice.

What Are Fat-Dissolving Injections?

Fat-dissolving injections (also known as lipolytic or lipotropic injections) belong to minimally invasive cosmetic treatments used to reduce localized fat deposits in a specific treatment area. Due to their ability to reduce selected excess fat, they are oftentimes called non-surgical liposuction.

In most cases, the main active ingredient in the composition of a lipodissolve treatment is synthetic deoxycholic acid. It is a naturally-occurring substance used to disrupt the cell membrane of fat cells, which eventually leads to the breakage of fatty tissue.

What Are the Indications for Fat-Dissolving Cosmetic Treatments?

Lipodissolve injections (or, in other words, deoxycholic acid injections) are commonly used to target small pockets of stubborn fat resistant to a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Most patients use them as a fat reduction procedure after trying out any other nonsurgical procedure (for instance, exercise) but seeing no substantial result.

Among the main areas for use affected by injection lipolysis are the following ones:

  • Jawline (including double chin);
  • Neck;
  • Arms;
  • Abdomen;
  • Thighs;
  • Hips;
  • Buttocks;
  • And so on.

These areas, however, strongly depend on the aesthetic goals of a patient. In other words, they might substantially differ from depending on facial and body areas a patient would like to address. In some cases, for instance, a patient might undergo the treatment to achieve a noticeable reduction of fat under the eyes (or, in other words, reduce fat in the eyebags).

When Not to Inject Fat-Dissolving Products?

Injections of fat-dissolving products belong to exceptionally safe cosmetic procedures (although many of them are not FDA-approved). Still, they should not be injected beneath a patient’s skin under any of the following contraindications to the treatment:

  • Intake of blood-thinning medications;
  • Medical history of general health difficulties (for instance, nerve damage, issues with lymphatic system, or bleeding problems);
  • Pregnancy (the main reason for this is that it remains unclear whether lipodissolve injections anyhow affect the yet unborn baby);
  • And so on.

Moreover, it is preferrable to postpone the treatment if patients experience swelling, itching, or irritation around the intended treatment area.

What Are the Possible Side Effects After Using Fat-Dissolving Injections?

In most cases, the majority of patients do not experience any adverse reactions after undergoing the fat-dissolving treatment (which is generally safe). However, as clinical studies show, any of the following side effects might occur shortly after the procedure:

  • Skin redness;
  • Itching;
  • Swelling;
  • Post-treatment bruising;
  • Painful sensations around the injection site;
  • And so on.

These are the most common side effects when reducing the excessive amount of fat with the help of fat-dissolving treatments. Under normal circumstances, they do not carry any serious risks and fade away on their own in two to five days after the treatment.

In rare cases, however, some serious side effects might occur after using lipodissolve injections. If a patient experiences uneven smile, nerve injury, facial muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing (also known as trouble swallowing), and other severe complications, a healthcare provider should be contacted as soon as possible.

What Does the Procedure for Injecting Fat-Dissolving Products Look Like?

So, how do lipolytic injections work? In most cases, they include the three following steps:

  • Firstly, healthcare providers (for instance, plastic surgeons, cosmetologists, or dermatologists) discuss the peculiarities of the upcoming fat reduction procedure with their patients. They evaluate the intensity of the problem patients would like to address (for example, the amount of submental fat in the double chin). Also, they define how much fat-reducing procedures patients would have to undergo or, in other words, plan the number of injections required to achieve optimal results (please note that multiple injections might be required in some cases);
  • Secondly, healthcare providers start the treatment. They might apply a topical numbing cream to the intended treatment area shortly before using fine needles to administer fat-dissolving products. The whole injection process usually takes up to thirty minutes;
  • Thirdly, healthcare providers schedule further treatment sessions (if more than one treatment is required to fight the fat beneath patients’ skin). They might also apply an ice pack to the treatment area if patients experience any discomfort shortly after the treatment.

It is also worth mentioning that the treatment protocol mentioned above might be slightly modified according to patients’ individual needs (including their medical conditions, aesthetic goals, and amount of fat that needs to be dissolved).

What Brands Offer Fat-Dissolving and Body Contouring Injections?

Contemporary aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of non-FDA approved and FDA-approved injectable treatment brands designed for localized fat reduction. Below, you will find the short information on Alidya, Aqualyx, Kybella, and Hyacorp injections since they are the most popular trademarks in injectable body contouring category.


Alidya is an optimal treatment for those patients who would like to reduce cellulite via injectable fat reduction. By means of targeting the factors that contribute to cellulite development (such as the accumulation of fat and changes in connective tissue), it makes patients’ skin smooth and attractive.


Aqualyx is probably one of the most well-known injectable treatments of localized fat deposits. It modifies fat cells in a way that they can no longer store fat. In most cases, Aqualyx does a great job when it comes to fat reduction in the areas of the chin, abdomen, and hips.


Kybella treatment is specifically designed to address the problem of the double chin. With its help, patients might substantially improve the overall appearance of their jawline without causing any serious side effects. It is also worth mentioning that Kybella shots belong to the most popular lipolytic treatments.


Hyacorp provides patients with body contouring and makes them self-conscious in a quite different from Alidya, Aqualyx, and Kybella injections way. As clinical studies show, it fights loose skin and makes the contour of the body more attractive by using hyaluronic acid that adds volume to skin cells instead of employing deoxycholic acid that dissolves fat without causing any severe side effects, such as trouble swallowing.

How Much Do Fat-Dissolving Treatments Cost?

There is no clear answer to the question of the average lipodissolve cost. The main reason for this is that it depends on a variety of factors, starting from the name of the brand of the product that is going to be injected and ending with the geographical location of the clinic where the procedure is going to take place. Moreover, such factors as the amount of fat that is going to be treated also have an impact on the overall cost of the treatment.

Where to Buy Fat-Dissolving Injections Online?

If you are looking for the most advantageous place that offers lipodissolve injections for sale, you have come to the right place. FillerCloud has a broad assortment of brand name cosmetic injectables (starting from Alidya and ending with Kybella treatment) for reasonable prices and with a reliable delivery. Thus, how about placing your order now and buying fat-dissolving injections on the best possible terms?

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