Belotero Hydro (1x1ml)

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1 x 1ml syringe, 2 x 30G 1/2 needles


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Brand Bellotero from the Swizz manufacturer Merz offers a wide range of injectable gels with hyaluronic acid to solve various aesthetic imperfections:

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Belotero Hydro is a high-quality injectable gel for mesotherapy to hydrate the skin tissues, restore their elasticity and even relief.

Basic description of Belotero Hydro

Hyaluronic acid is a vital element for the healthy, youthful, and beautiful appearance of our skin. It holds the frame of skin tissues, takes part in collagen production, and hydrates by attracting and holding water molecules that are 1000 times bigger than the molecule of hyaluronic acid. Thus, when with age, the natural deposits of this substance in the skin decrease, it loses elasticity, sags, facial volume in certain areas decreases.

Fortunately, the injections of modern innovative hyaluronic acid fillers can help to restore lost hyaluronic acid. Based on synthetic sodium hyaluronate, which by its properties is very close to the naturally occurring. While many dermal fillers fight the natural ageing process, smooth wrinkles, plump lips or cheeks, Belotero hydro is a unique dermal injectable for dehydrated skin.

Sodium hyaluronate strength in Belotero Hydro is 18 mg/ml, which is perfect for optimal correction and deep rehydration. This is why Belotero Hydro injections are a perfect choice to improve the skin’s condition:

  • safe, bio combinable, and biocompatible
  • no need for an allergy test before the procedure
  • penetrates into all dermal layers, providing a visible lifting effect
  • improves hydration
  • improves skin elasticity and turgor
  • has a prolonged action up to 9-12 months

Moreover, the dermal filler Belotero Hydro contains glycerin in the concentration of 21 mg/ml. This natural moisturizer will strengthen the effect of deep skin rehydration for a bright complexion, even relief, and quality skin rejuvenation from the inside.

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Belotero Hydro 1ml scope of action

Belotero Hydro is a product for targeted rehydration of the dermal layers on the face, neck, and decollete. Hyaluronic acid is the strongest and most effective moisturizer at the present time that does not have analogs. Under the influence of stress, poor nutrition, unbalanced diet, diseases, ultra-violet light, and of course, natural aging, our bodies start losing hyaluronic acid started at the age of 25-27. Non-animal origin hyaluronic acid injections of help to maintain the level of this substance in skins dermal layers at the right level.

The dermal filler Beloteto Hydro is created using the unique CPM technology that greatly increases the ability of the gel to attract and hold moisture. After the introduction of Belotero Hydro, the formation of a vector mesh frame is started, which connects bundles of collagen, fibrin fibers, and dermal cells.

To achieve a satisfactory result, the patient will have to undergo 2-3 aesthetic procedures with an internal in 1 month. Such a complex approach will help rejuvenate the skin from the inside, saturate it with moisture, smooth fine lines, improve complexion, and boost radiance.

Contraindications to the injections with Belotero Hydro

Deep hydration with Belotero products, including Belotero Hydro, is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • minor age under 18
  • hypersensitivity to any of the components of the dermal filler
  • inflammation or infection at the treatment area
  • flu, fever
  • blood clotting disorder
  • diabetes mellitus
  • tumors
  • the acute phase of chronic disease
  • pregnancy and lactation

If any of these medical conditions are present, the doctor should delay or cancel the procedure as it may become health- or life-threatening. Also, please remember that the procedure with Belotero Hydro can be performed only by a trained and experienced aesthetic medicine specialist.

How to buy Belotero Hydro on

The Merz manufacturer has elaborated three hyaluronic acid fillers: Soft, Balance, and Intense. All these preparations are available with and without anesthetic lidocaine. Belotero Hydro is another innovative elaboration to restore the moisture balance of the patient’s skin. All these dermal injectables are available for purchase on our site We also offer a wide range of other aesthetic medicine products:

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  1. Jeff Vin

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    A solid alternative to other mesotherapy solutions! Love its natural-looking result.

  2. Ada Modest

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    I like the quality and efficiency of Belotero Hydro. However, I expected its result to be more long-lasting.

  3. Michael Smith

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    5/5! Will order it again.

  4. Grace Davis

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    A very similar to Belotero Revive, as for me. Both are quite good, though.

  5. Kristen Juergen

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    A nice rejuvenator and enhancer of the skin.

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