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Teosyal Puresense Kiss with Lidocaine (2x1ml)

2 pre-filled syringes, needles, and traceability labels


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Ultimate, Global Action, First Lines, Deep Lines, Ultra Deep, Redensity 1, Redensity 2, and Kiss are the variations of Teosyal PureSense products. They are high-quality cosmetic injectables produced in Switzerland by the Teoxane brand. They are extensively used all over the world for a number of aesthetic reasons.

On a side note: Apart from the PureSense product line, Teosyal manufactures RHA and Meso cosmetic injectables. As well, it produces a wide range of cosmeceuticals.

In the information below, you will be able to check out the basic properties, indications, limitations, possible side effects, after-treatment recovery recommendations, and other peculiarities of Teosyal PureSense Kiss (2 x 1ml), an innovational cosmetic injectable for lip enhancement. Let us have a detailed overview of the product together!

Basic Properties of Teosyal PureSense Kiss

Teosyal PureSense Kiss is a dermal filler that is specifically designed for long-lasting, effective, and safe enhancement of the lips. It is characterized as a homogeneous injectable gel of high density and viscosity.

The following components constitute the innovative formula of Teosyal PureSense Kiss. Each of them has its own unique function in the composition of the product:

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin (25 mg/ml). While being made from streptococci bacteria, hyaluronic acid molecules function as the main active substances of a dermal filler;
  • Lidocaine hydrochloride. Lidocaine (strength 3 mg/ml) acts as a local anesthetic that plays a crucial role in pain reduction during the procedure;
  • Phosphate buffer. It normalizes the pH level of a patient while the product is injected.

Teosyal PureSense Kiss should be administered into either the lip mucosa or deep dermis of a patient with the help of a 27G 1/2 needle. The procedure should be performed exclusively by a licensed medical professional who will provide a patient with a safe and comfortable cosmetic injection experience.

On average, the injection of Teosyal PureSense Kiss provides a patient with a durable result that might last up to 9 months. Still, it strongly depends on a patient’s individual health condition, skin type, age, and even lifestyle.

What’s in the box? The package of Teosyal PureSense Kiss (2 x 1ml) includes 2 pre-filled syringes, needles, and traceability labels.


Two primary indications for the administration of Teosyal PureSense Kiss are:

  • Thin, non-defined, and poorly hydrated lips;
  • Wrinkles in the perioral zone.

Therefore, the main functions of the product are:

  • Lip augmentation;
  • Lip contouring;
  • Lip rehydration;
  • Perioral wrinkle correction.

So, Teosyal Kiss (PureSense) enhances one of the most noticeable facial features (namely, lips) due to its power to plump, contour, and rehydrate dry chapped lips. Also, it helps to efficiently correct perioral wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds or marionette lines.


Some patients cannot increase lip volume, reshape lip contours, moisturize lip tissues, and fill wrinkles in the perioral zone with the help of Teosyal PureSense Kiss. Here is the list of the main limitations to the injection of the product:

  • Individual hypersensitivity to cross-linked hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, or any other component of the preparation (usually defined with the help of an allergy test);
  • Active skin inflammation around the area of the treatment;
  • Such ongoing health care conditions as untreated epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, or oncology;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Moreover, a patient might have other contraindications to the administration of Teosyal Kiss (PureSense). They are usually defined by a health care practitioner in the individual order.

Possible Side Effects

Teosyal PureSense Kiss belongs to dermal fillers that cause little to no severe allergies and complications (mainly due to the fact that it is based on hypoallergenic non-animal hyaluronic acid). For this reason, so many patients consider it to be an extremely safe gel.

Still, while some patients have no symptoms after the procedure, the administration of the product into other patients might initiate the appearance of such side effects as:

  • Skin irritation around the treatment area (including its redness, swelling, and itching);
  • Bruising at the injection site;
  • Short-term loss of sensitivity of the zone to which the preparation is injected.

Under normal circumstances, these symptoms disappear within several days after the procedure without any medical supervision. However, a patient is preferable to consult with a health care practitioner in case of having any of these side effects.

After-Treatment Recovery Recommendations

For the first 48 hours after the injection of Teosyal Kiss (PureSense), a patient should NOT:

  • Undergo direct sunlight, excessive heat, and other potentially damaging to the skin factors;
  • Do strenuous exercises;
  • Wear heavy makeup;
  • And so on.

By means of following these simple after-treatment recovery recommendations, a patient will not only minimize the possibility of complications but also maximize the effectiveness of the procedure.

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