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Juvederm Ultra XC with Lidocaine (2x1ml) English/Korean

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2 x 1ml syringes, 30G needles


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  • Primary Information About Juvederm Ultra XC

    Created and released by the Allergan manufacturer, Juvéderm Ultra XC is a perfect solution for people with aging skin and annoying again signs. Thanks to its unique composition, it guarantees fast results and natural perfections without the complicated procedure that requires plastic surgeons’ assistance. What ingredients are we talking about?

    • Cross-linked, non-animal hyaluronic acid perfected with the help of 3D-Matrix technology;
    • Pain-reducing lidocaine for more comfortable injection process;
    • Phosphate buffer;
    • Water.

    Based on the client’s skin condition, a specialist defines the number of needed syringes (from one to two are typically enough), as well as the frequency of the procedure itself (some people choose to have the maintenance procedure every six-seven months in order for effect to last longer). If performed correctly, the treatment session may guarantee up to one year of perfection and effective elimination of deep lines and wrinkles.

    Note: The standard package of Juvederm Ultra XC contains 2 pre-filled syringes with 1ml of the solution, 30G sterile needles, and the leaflet with detailed instructions.

  • Main Indications to the Product

    Most patients can use Juvéderm Ultra XC for the following aesthetic purposes:

    • Lip augmentation. With the help of the injectable gel, it is possible to boost the shape of thin lips, their volume, and the condition in general;
    • Facial contouring. Certain facial parts can be volumized effectively with the series of injections performed in the chin, cheekbones, and cheek area;
    • Severe facial wrinkles reduction. It includes nasolabial folds, marionette lines, smile lines, lip lines, and other deep wrinkles overall.

    After the treatment session, a patient may expect improved social tissue, younger-looking skin, and a smoother appearance overall. The product also helps the skin retain moisture and softness, so the procedure shouldn’t be performed often.

    Before the injection session, target areas are cleaned carefully, and a topical anesthetic is applied on the skin’s surface to get rid of any type of painful sensations to the max. The correct administration technique is vital for the final result and the client’s safety in general (if the product is injected into the blood vessel or vein, severe complications are possible afterward).

    However, even though the gel contains natural and safe components, some patients still cannot use it for their appearance improvement. Let’s have a closer look at those exceptions.

    Limitations You Should Know About

    The following categories of patients cannot use Juvéderm Ultra XC for their aesthetic purposes:

    • Individual hypersensitivity to any components of the product (e.g., stabilized hyaluronic acid or lidocaine);
    • Untreated episodes of epilepsy or porphyria;
    • Skin damage, infection, or irritation in the treated area or neighboring tissues;
    • Simultaneous laser treatment;
    • Chemical peels;
    • Pregnancy;
    • Breastfeeding;
    • Etc.

    Note: There are plenty of alternative dermal fillers available on the aesthetic market, so it is better to have a consultation with a medical expert to pick the right one for those who cannot use Juvederm Ultra XC. 

  • Post-Treatment Adverse Reactions

    As with every dermal filler, certain side effects are possible after using Juvederm Ultra XC. Typically, those are gone fast and without the doctor’s assistance, but it is still better to be aware of how to take care of the treated zone properly. You may expect the following symptoms:

    • Injection site irritation, itching, redness;
    • Swelling;
    • Bruising;
    • Increased tenderness;
    • Pain;
    • Etc.

    Inform the doctor if any of those are not gone in a week or if there are any severe pain and discomfort. Sometimes, a specialist’s help is needed to define the reason for it, as well as to calculate the correct treatment.

  1. Justin Williams

    5 of 5

    A nice Juvederm filler for a nice price! 5/5!

  2. Edmund Vasquez

    4 of 5

    All good: service, prices, and delivery terms.

  3. Edmund Vasquez

    4 of 5

    All good: service, prices, and delivery terms.

  4. Justin Williams

    5 of 5

    A nice Juvederm filler for a nice price! 5/5!

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