Stylage XL (2x1ml)

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Hyaluronic acid fillers have become something far more than mere anti-aging remedies. With the help of hyaluronic injectables, you can eliminate lots of aesthetic imperfections and considerably change your appearance. One of such preparations for non-surgical contour plastics is Stylage XL dermal fillers for Vivacy Laboratories.

Fillercloud offers to your attention the whole range of Stylage products:

  • Stylage S
  • Stylage M
  • Stylage L
  • Stylage XL
  • Stylage Special Lips

All these dermal fillers are produced in 2 variations: with and without anesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride. To buy Stylage XL or get more info, please contact our customer service by dialing  1-604-800-8004.

General description of Stylage XL 2x1ml dermal filler

Stylage XL is a dermal filler with extremely high density and viscosity levels elaborated by the French pharmaceutical company VIVACY Laboratories. It has been present on the market since 2006. Like all elaborations from this manufacturer, Stylage XL is a hyaluronic acid-based gel with a high concentration of the active ingredient – 26mg/ml.

Hyaluronic acid. This is the most popular active ingredient for the majority of modern dermal fillers. Vivacy Laboratories have elaborated and patented special IPN-like technology to bind and cross-link the molecules of hyaluronic acid, using low toxicity BDDE coupling agent (butadiene diglycidyl ether). With such manufacturing technology, the gel becomes more plastic and elastic, but stable. Non-animal origin of the active substance makes the filler safe, bio combinable, that causes no allergic reactions, body rejection, or severe side effects.

Mannitol. This is a natural antioxidant that greatly strengthens the effect after Stylage XL injections. First of all, the natural antioxidant mannitol helps fight free radicals that destroy dermal cells accelerating natural aging processes. Moreover, it helps to reduce swelling and bruising directly after the injection. Moreover, it prolongs the lasting of dermal filler in the tissues, preventing it from splitting.

Moreover, all dermal fillers from Stylage xl 2x1ml are available in the versions with and without anesthetic lidocaine to minimize painful sensations during the procedure.

Please contact our customer support if you want to order Stylage XL or any other Stylage products at the best prices on the market.

Effects after correction with Stylage XL

Stylage XL is a dense and viscous gel for administration into the deep dermis. The procedure with Stylage XL gel is indicated for patients with mature skin and pronounced aging changes. It fast and effectively eliminates facial volume defects and deep wrinkles and folds. The filler can be administered into the areas of the chin, cheeks, cheekbones, and temples. After the procedure, the patient can observe the effect of lifting, cheekbone area augmentation, natural lip correction, smoothing wrinkles, improvement of the facial contours. Actually, with the help of this dermal injectable you can achieve the following aesthetic improvements:

  • cheek augmentation
  • cheekbones definition
  • chin remodeling
  • cheek facial volume loss replenishing
  • facial oval improvement
  • adding volume to the temples area
  • eliminate sagging skin

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid produced with the help of patented IPN-like technology makes the process of volume restoration fast and effective, providing super natural and beautiful results that last up to 12 months.

The procedure with Stylage XL dermal filler

The injection process with products from Stylage is fast and easy. As a rule, there is no need for the patient to stay in the cabinet longer than 60 minutes. Only a certified and specially trained doctor can perform the procedure. The patient should be aware of all possible side effects and risks, rules to follow before and after the cosmetic treatment:

  • do not take alcohol
  • do not take antibiotics
  • do not take blood thinners
  • refuse from laser, peelings, waxing, and other cosmetic procedures before the injection
  • do not massage or rub the treatment area after the injection
  • do not apply makeup
  • do not visit the gym or fitness
  • do not visit the spa and sauna
  • do not sunbath
  • do not take a hot bath or shower

The final outcome of the injection greatly depends on the patient following these recommendations.

Contraindications to injections Stylage XL

Products from the Stylage brand can boast a high safety profile, causing no allergic reactions, body rejection, or severe side effects. The common reactions from the body side included pain at the injection site, irritation, redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising.

However, even despite such perfect bio combinability characteristics, there is a list of medical conditions when the cosmetic treatment of facial volume restoration is not recommended:

  • minor age
  • hypersensitivity to the filler’s components
  • diabetic mellitus
  • tumors
  • blood clotting disorder
  • infections or inflammatory reactions
  • scars forming tendency
  • the acute phase of any chronic disease
  • mental disorders

Performing dermal injections with such medical conditionals may be health- or life-threatening.

How to buy Stylage XL online on Fillercloud?

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