Restylane with Lidocaine (1×0.5ml)

One 0.5 ml syringe, two 27G needles, patient record label


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  • Basic Characteristics of Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml

    Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml is a dermal filler with a wide range of cosmetic indications. It is a sterile, fluid, and transparent gel-like solution with an instant, durable, and natural-looking result.

    The product’s composition includes the following ingredients:

    • Cross-linked and stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA) of non-animal origin (strength 20 mg/ml);
    • Lidocaine hydrochloride.

    HA functions as a main active substance in the composition of a dermal filler. It efficiently hydrates skin tissues and activates natural collagen and elastin production. While added lidocaine, in its turn, serves as a local anesthetic that provides a patient with a pain-relieving effect during the procedure.

    If a patient has an allergy to lidocaine, there is an alternative solution in the brand’s product line. Namely, Restylane 0.5ml has exactly the same properties but does not include a local anesthetic in its composition.

    The product is produced with the help of advanced NASHA technology. It allows retaining the natural way hyaluronic acid molecules connect to each other and, therefore, allows the solution to last as long as possible.

    The treatment protocol of the product assumes the administration of a product into either the subcutaneous, middle or deep dermal tissue of a patient’s facial oval or the lip mucosa of a patient’s lips. The procedure should be performed with the help of a 27G needle by a knowledgeable health care practitioner.

    On average, the result of a single dermal filler injection lasts up to 18 months. Still, it varies from one patient to another and depends on many individual factors (such as a patient’s skin type, age, and lifestyle habits).

    What’s in the box? The package of Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml consists of one prefilled glass syringe, two 27G needles, & package insert.

  • Usage Indications for Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml

    Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml is a cosmetic injectable that has numerous usage indications. it is mainly applied to rejuvenate and enhance a patient’s appearance by means of:

    • Filling middle to deep facial wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, marionette lines, and other skin depressions;
    • Treating tear through deformities;
    • Plumping lips;
    • Creating a profound facial augmentation;
    • Tightening a patient’s skin;
    • And so on.

    The product might also be employed to accelerate natural elastin and collagen production and thus provide a patient with well-hydrated, glowing, and supple skin.

    Therefore, it is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler that is efficient in correcting moderate to severe lines, treating facial areas with limited soft tissue support, plumping lips, and tightening skin tissues.

    Still, the Restylane product line includes a number of other dermal fillers with very specific indications. For instance, Restylane Refyne is a solution to instantly fill deep wrinkles, while Restylane Kysse is a product to subtly enhance the appearance of lips. So, a medical professional might take other Restylane products into account when looking for the most suitable solution for a patient.

  • Contraindications for Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml

    Despite its profound safety, Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml should not be injected into a patient with one of the following contraindications:

    • Age under 21;
    • Ongoing skin infection at the injection site;
    • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
    • Serious disease (such as diabetes mellitus, poor blood clotting, or autoimmune disorder);
    • Allergic reaction to any component of the product (like hyaluronic acid or lidocaine hydrochloride);
    • Tendency to hypertrophic scarring;
    • Intake of incompatible medications or undergoes incompatible treatments;
    • And so on.

    To make sure that a patient does not have any limitations to the injection of a product, a medical professional should run a detailed investigation of a patient’s current health condition.

  • Possible Side Effects for Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml

    The administration of Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml is a procedure that ensures a safe patient experience. However, it might still lead to the appearance of the following side effects:

    • Irritation of the skin around the area of the treatment (namely, redness or itching);
    • Bruising at the injection site;
    • Swelling;
    • Pain or discomfort.

    In most cases, these side effects are temporary. They tend to disappear within a couple of days after the procedure without any medical supervision. Still, a patient should contact a health care practitioner as soon as possible in case of having any complications after the procedure.

  • Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml After-Treatment Recovery Recommendations

    The injection of Restylane Lidocaine 0.5ml does not require any special after-treatment recovery. It is a minimally invasive procedure that allows a patient to return to their usual lifestyle shortly after the injection of the product.

    Nevertheless, a patient is recommended to BYPASS the below-mentioned things for at least 48 hours after the treatment:

    • Direct sun exposure without a special sunscreen cream;
    • Excessive heat (such as hot bathtubs, saunas, etc.);
    • Heavy makeup around the injection site;
    • Strenuous exercising;
    • Rubbing, pushing, or pulling the area of the treatment.

    Adherence to this simple rule will prolong the efficiency of the procedure and reduce the possibility of any complications.

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