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Perfectha Deep (1x1ml)

Sinclair Pharma
One prefilled syringe, two sterile needles


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While being manufactured by the global pharmaceutical company Sinclair Pharma in France, Perfectha is a brand of cosmetic injectables that provides patients with the freedom to be themselves (as their slogan suggests).

The product line of Perfectha includes a great selection of high-quality dermal fillers, such as Perfectha Deep, Perfectha Derm, Perfectha Finelines, Perfectha Subskin, and many more.

Below, you will find a detailed overview of Perfectha Deep, which is one of the most extensively used solutions in the Perfectha range. Let us go through the essential information on dermal filler.

Basic Properties of Perfectha Deep

Perfectha Deep is a cosmetic injectable with a wide range of aesthetic indications. Its composition includes the following ingredients:

  • Cross-linked, non-animal hyaluronic acid (strength 20 mg/ml);
  • Lidocaine.

Together, these ingredients form a top-quality hyaluronic acid (HA) gel of the middle density that rejuvenates and enhances skin tissues in a painless way.

The product is manufactured with the help of advanced E-BRID technology, which guarantees its slow and uniform degradation, as well as its excellent flow properties.

According to its treatment protocol, the hyaluronic acid filler should have an intradermal and subcutaneous application into either the mid or deep level of a patient’s skin. The procedure should be performed exclusively by a healthcare practitioner with the help of a fine gauge needle.

As a side note: It is the task of a healthcare practitioner to define the injection method that will fit a patient’s needs best. Depending on each individual case, they might choose between a retro injection, a serial puncture technique, or any other convenient method of hyaluronic acid filler administration.

In most cases, a single injection of the product will provide a patient with a durable result that lasts up to twelve months. However, its exact duration strongly depends on such individual peculiarities of each patient as their age, skin type, health condition, and lifestyle.

What’s in the box? A package of Perfectha Deep contains one prefilled syringe with 1ml of the preparation and two sterile needles of the 27G size.

Usage Indications

The main usage indication Perfectha Deep has is age-related skin. In other words, the dermal filler is used to provide a patient with a more youthful appearance by means of being applied to:

  • Smooth superficial wrinkles, correct moderate wrinkles, and take care of severe facial wrinkles;
  • Add contour to the facial oval;
  • Restore volume of certain facial parts;
  • Augment lips.

As a side note: Due to the fact that Perfectha Deep might be used to fill skin depressions of the different sizes (from superficial to deep wrinkles), it is considered to be an exceptionally universal dermal filler that is capable of taking care of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, crow’s feet, fine lines on the forehead, and a great number of other wrinkles.

In most cases, the resorbable hyaluronic acid (HA) of Perfectha Deep is injected for reconstructive purposes into the following areas of the face:

  • Forehead;
  • Cheeks;
  • Chin;
  • Nose;
  • Lips.

As a side note: Due to its compositional properties, the hyaluronic acid gel of Perfectha Deep efficiently reduces moderate to deep wrinkles, contours the face, restores volume of skin tissues, and plumps lips. However, this is not the full list of its implications since the product might also be used to treat facial lipoatrophy and morphological asymmetry.


Not each and every patient is a good candidate for wrinkle reduction, lip augmentation, and soft tissue volume restoration with the help of Perfectha Deep. The administration of the product is contraindicated under one of the following circumstances:

  • If a patient is allergic to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine (since Perfectha Deep is a hyaluronic acid gel with lidocaine);
  • If a patient has an ongoing skin infection at the injection site;
  • If a patient suffers from a serious health complication, such as bleeding disorder, untreated epilepsy, or autoimmune disease;
  • If a patient is currently undergoing incompatible treatments (for instance, chemical peels) or taking incompatible medications (for example, blood thinners).

Possible Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, the injection of Perfectha Deep does not lead to any serious complications. However, some patients might experience the following side effects for the first several days after the treatment:

  • Skin irritation around the area of the treatment (including redness, itching, and swelling);
  • Light bruising at the injection site;
  • A temporary feeling of pain or discomfort.

In most cases, these symptoms fade away on their own without any medical supervision. Still, a patient is recommended to contact a healthcare practitioner in case of any side effects after the treatment.

After-Treatment Recovery Recommendations

In order to maximize the efficiency of the Perfectha Deep injection and minimize the risk of any serious complications, a patient is recommended to follow these simple recommendations for the first forty-eight hours after the treatment:

  • Avoid undergoing extreme temperatures (namely, do not visit saunas or take hot baths);
  • Stay away from direct sun exposure;
  • Do not wear heavy makeup at the injection site;
  • Evade strenuous exercising.

Where to Buy Perfectha Deep Online?

If you are looking for a beneficial place to order Perfectha Deep online, you have come to the right place. Fillercloud is an experienced supplier of medical and cosmetic injectables that offers:

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As a side note: Only licensed healthcare providers are eligible to buy products intended for professional use (including Perfectha Deep) online.

So, place your Perfectha Deep order on Fillercloud in order to provide your patients with a natural look by means of treating skin depressions, volume loss, thin lips, and other underlying conditions related to the aging process efficiently!

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