Restylane SUBQ (1x2ml)

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  • Basic Information About Restylane SUBQ

    Manufacturer – Q-Med (part of the company Galderma), active substance – Hyaluronic acid. 

    Youthful appearance is something every person on our planet is seeking. And while plastic surgery can be quite dangerous and problematic, aesthetic treatments can guarantee noticeable results with minimal adverse reactions.

    When it comes to skin rejuvenation in the deep subcutaneous layer, Restylane SUBQ is believed to be one of the most effective options for this purpose. Thanks to the high concentration of stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin (20mg), deep wrinkles and lines can be effectively eliminated, as well as facial features can be more defined. Special NASHA technology used during the product creation helps provide lifting results.

    This injectable gel is perfect for lost volume improvement and facial contouring; moreover, its beneficial composition works perfectly well for collagen and elastin production boost in the body, which is also a great bonus. After the administration, a patient can expect the positive effect to last for up to a year; licensed medical professionals recommend having an additional treatment every eight to ten months in order to make the results last much longer.

  • Indications for Restylane SUBQ

    Restylane SUBQ dermal fillers are often called permanent implants because they can treat even the most hollow target zones. Typically, such areas as the chin, cheek, jawline, neck, as well as perioral zones are chosen for the aesthetic treatment.

    A medical professional can select this injectable for the following purposes:

    • Provide facial tissue augmentation (add volume to certain parts);
    • Guarantee lifting effect to the face in general;
    • Create a symmetrical shape to the face;
    • Volumize hollow temples;
    • Define facial tissues;
    • And so on.

    Before trying Restylane SUBQ for facial augmentation, it is crucial to have a consultation with a medical professional; this step is vital to make sure the procedure and the filler are safe for an individual and can provide them with the desired result.

    Contraindications for the Procedure

    Some individuals cannot use Restylane for skin rejuvenation. A doctor should think about another injectable option if any of the following limitations are present:

    • Allergic reaction to any ingredient present in the Restylane’s composition;
    • Skin damage, irritation, infection in the target area;
    • Acute stages of chronic diseases (like diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, etc.);
    • Flu, fever, bad health in general;
    • Pregnancy or breastfeeding period in women.

    A medical professional should be informed about any over-the-counter or prescription medications a client takes. It includes sleeping pills, herbal supplements, vitamins, blood thinners, etc. Sometimes, it is essential to stop taking medications a few weeks before the treatment to avoid some severe post-treatment reactions.

  • Adverse Reactions to Be Aware of

    Restylane SUBQ side effects are something every client should be aware of in order to plan a correct aftercare routine for themselves; usually, it’s done together with a medical professional to make sure they do everything correctly.

    So, which side effects should be expected?

    • Injection site reactions, namely redness, itching, swelling, and so on;
    • Bruising in the spot of the needle puncture;
    • Increased sensitivity in the target area, as well as around it.

    Medical help is not needed for everything mentioned above to disappear; all you need is time and a correct aftercare routine. However, a doctor’s assistance may be necessary if any severe adverse reactions occur – allergic reactions, trouble breathing or swallowing filler migration signs, and so on.

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