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Monovisc (1x4ml)

One prefilled 4 ml syringe
4 ml


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  • Basic Characteristics

    Osteoarthritis is a widely spread disease that affects knee joints. It is a chronic health condition and, therefore, cannot be completely cured. However, there exists a great number of products that might substantially reduce the feeling of pain in osteoarthritic patients. Monovisc is one of the most popular products to treat osteoarthritis-related pain in the knee. Below, you will find its basic characteristics, usage indications, contraindications, possible side effects, and after-treatment recovery recommendations.

    While being either United States or Turkey manufactured, the Monovisc brand belongs to Anika Therapeutics, Inc. and stands side-by-side with other solutions that are used to reduce osteoarthritis knee pain, such as Cingal and Orthovisc. Monovisc is a safe, effective, and durable cosmetic injectable that is used to treat knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. It is a homogeneous, sterile, and gel-like solution that functions as a lubricant and shock absorber for the painful knee.

    The unique formula of the product is based on exceptionally pure and cross-linked hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight (22 mg/ml). It is produced with the help of bacterial fermentation and might therefore contain gram-positive bacteria proteins. Hyaluronic acid might be defined as a complex sugar of the glycosaminoglycan family.

    According to its treatment protocol, Monovisc should be administered in the form of intra-articular injections by a licensed healthcare practitioner. The skin around the injection site should be thoroughly disinfected before the procedure. Due to the fact that Monovisc is a one-dose medication, a single injection should be enough to reduce the knee joint pain of a patient. On average, its result lasts up to 6 months. However, it depends on a patient’s individual health condition, age, and lifestyle.

    What’s in the box? The package of Monovisc 1×4 contains one prefilled syringe with 4 ml of the product and a patient’s leaflet.

  • Usage Indications

    Monovisc is indicated to take care of the pain in the knee that appears as a result of osteoarthritis. When being more precise, the product should be used if a patient did not receive adequate pain relief by means of taking simple pain relievers or undergoing non-drug treatments of the disease.

    Monovisc injections might be performed individually or in combination with other treatments of osteoarthritis, such as special exercises, intake of simple analgesics, and weight loss. Under normal circumstances, a healthcare practitioner will provide a patient with further information on a patient’s treatment options after the Monovisc injection.

  • Contraindications

    Not each and every patient will respond adequately to Monovisc injections. Namely, the product should NOT be administered under one of the following circumstances:

    • If a patient has an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity to any component of the product (for instance, hyaluronic acid or gram-positive bacterial cells);
    • If a patient suffers from a serious disease (like poor blood clotting, untreated epilepsy, or diabetes mellitus);
    • If a patient experiences an ongoing skin infection around the injection site.

    Moreover, patients should let their healthcare practitioners investigate their current health condition and inform them about the products they are currently taking (like vitamin supplements, quaternary ammonium salts, and other prescription medications).

  • Possible Side Effects

    After being injected directly into a patient’s knee, Monovisc might lead to the appearance of the following side effects:

    • Arthralgia;
    • Swelling in the knee joint;
    • Increased sensitivity at the injection site;
    • Skin irritation around the area of the treatment.

    Under normal circumstances, these side effects have a temporary character. They tend to disappear without any medical supervision in a couple of days after the procedure.

    In rare cases, however, patients might experience other serious complications after the injection of Monovisc, such as muscle cramps, trouble breathing, swollen throat, and so on. If these symptoms occur, patients have to get in touch with their healthcare practitioners as soon as possible.

  • After-Treatment Recovery Recommendations

    To maximize the efficiency of the treatment and minimize the risk of any complications, a patient should follow these after-treatment recovery recommendations for the first several days after the procedure:

    • Avoid strenuous exercising (namely, stay away from tennis, soccer, or heavy lifting);
    • Do not strain your knee or stand on your feet for too long;
    • Evade pushing, pulling, or rubbing the injection site.

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