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Arthritis and its variations like juvenile, rheumatoid, psoriatic arthritis affect people’s joints; as follows, it can cause inflammation and extreme pain, which can seriously worsen one’s life quality and productivity during basic everyday activities.

Thankfully, modern medicine develops pretty fast, and some solutions to this problem are available for those who suffer from this unpleasant illness. Monovisc is one of the most popular and effective options, and it is available for purchase in our online store. Below, we will provide you with the essential characteristics of the products designed by this brand!

Monovisc Injections Basic Information

Monovisc injection brand designed and manufactured by Anika Therapeutics Inc. as one of its registered trademarks. It was created for osteoarthritis treatment, as well as painful sensations associated with this disease. For a better effect, cross-linked, ultra-pure sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) is included in the composition of the product. It is produced with the help of bacterial fermentation and is incredibly useful in one’s pain management.

A special gel-like form makes it very easy and comfortable to inject the product into the target area; it acts like a lubricant in the body with its main purpose to eliminate joint pain and get rid of knee pain caused by arthritis complications. After the administration, the result may last up to half a year, depending on one’s health peculiarities and conditions in general.

The following items are included in every box of Monovisc:

  • A prefilled syringe with a remedy ready for injection;
  • The instruction leaflet.

We would like to remind that, for a patient’s safety, only sterile disposable needles can be used for the Monovisc administration.

Benefits of the Product for Knee Pain Elimination

As for further information, it would be useful to present all benefits the filler can guarantee you. The complete list with all important characteristics can be found below:

  • Low chances of severe adverse reactions;
  • Easy to administer (the gel-like consistency is very convenient for a single-injection treatment);
  • Only the best ingredients are used during the manufacturing process (natural HA in particular);
  • Instant pain relief and long-lasting effect (typically, additional treatment is needed in six months after the first injection);
  • And so on.

Among all other treatments, Monovisc is considered to be one of the most useful options for effective pain reduction in the knee joint caused by osteoarthritis. All because of its excellent working principle, effectiveness, and beneficial influence on one’s health in general.

How to Use Monovisc Brand for the Knee Joint

In order to treat knee pain caused by arthritis, the Monovisc injection should be administered in an intra-articular way directly into the knee. Of course, disinfection is important first to avoid various complications that can be caused by incorrect techniques or ignored treatment steps.

As Monovisc comes in the form of a pre-filled syringe, it is a single injection viscosupplement; that means the remedy should be applied right after opening and cannot be stored to use some more in the future. After the administration, it should be discarded according to the especially settled rules (you may ask about them at any local pharmacy). Don’t use this medication after the expiration date mentioned on the box.

Please mind that Monovisc belongs to the medicines that require strict injection techniques, so the procedure should be performed by a skilled, well-trained professional in the clinic. The incorrect method may hurt the patient and cause even more discomfort than initially experienced.


Monovisc belongs to single-dose medications. The syringe contains 4 ml of the remedy, and each ml of that includes 22 mg of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate. One syringe is recommended to be used for one knee joint. In this way, two syringes of this lubricant and shock absorber are required to get rid of painful sensations in both knees.

Limitations and Possible Adverse Reactions

Some patients experience several side effects after using Monovisc for their help improvement. They are typically not dangerous and are gone very quickly (a few days is the longest).

  • Pain, rash, and redness in the administration area;
  • Arthralgia (joint pain);
  • Knee joint swelling;
  • Etc.

Rarely, people may experience headaches, chills, nausea, and muscular cramps as well. It is better to talk with the specialist in case there are any doubts about what to do to get rid of unwanted adverse reactions.

We’d like to remind you that there are some people who cannot use Monovisc for osteoarthritis complications reduction. The product is contraindicated to individuals with the following issues:

  • Allergic reaction to any ingredient included in the gel’s composition;
  • A knee infection;
  • Increased skin sensitivity or skin damage in the treatment area;
  • Etc.

A consultation with a doctor is needed before using Monovisc to make sure it will be helpful for one’s individual case. If not, the alternative should be picked and prescribed to a person.

Basic Storage Rules for Monovisc with Hyaluronic Acid

All Monovisc injections should be stored in their original packaging at a room temperature not higher than 25 degrees Celcius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). This type of medication cannot be stored in the refrigerator or frozen. If it was – it cannot be used for knee joints pain elimination. Choose the dark, dry place that is out of the children’s reach.

Buy Monovisc Online on the Fillercloud Website

In case you are searching for a supplier to buy aesthetic medicine goods, as well as some prescription medications brands, today is your lucky day! Fillercloud is here to help you with this task.

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We would like to remind that certain steps should be completed in order to buy at our online store:

  • Create your personal account on this website;
  • Add all products you need to the cart;
  • Order the delivery.

In case you don’t have a valid license, you cannot place an order on Fillercloud. All products we sell are meant for professional use only. If used by amateurs in this sphere, the results may be dangerous and even life-threatening for one’s health condition. People’s safety is our main priority. 

Make a purchase on our website at any comfortable for you time; you may also contact our sales representatives during the working hours to create your order together (this option is mainly used by those who have never used our services in the past). Ask if there are any questions about the aesthetic products, brands, delivery, or our working process. We are always here for you to help!

We are looking forward to our successful cooperation in the future, so consider us as your reliable supplier. Choose Fillercloud today!

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