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Crespine Gel Plus (1x2ml)

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BioPolymer GmbH
One 2 ml prefilled syringe


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Synvisc, Hyalgan, Hymovis, Durolane, Orthovisc, and a great number of other brands produce effective solutions to treat related to osteoarthritis pain in joints. Therefore, this chronic health condition can be successfully managed these days.

One more brand that manufactures high-quality medications that are used to relieve pain in joints is Crespine. Below, you will be able to check out the detailed information on its main product, namely Crespine Gel Plus.

So, let us go through its basic properties, indications for usage, contraindications, possible side effects, after-treatment recovery recommendations, and other peculiarities.

Please note: Another widely-spread product that is manufactured under the Crespine trademark is Crespine Gel. Unlike the “Plus” version, it does not contain lidocaine but is nevertheless efficient in helping reduce osteoarthritis pain.

Basic Properties of Crespine Gel Plus

Crespine Gel Plus is an injectable solution that is used to temporarily relieve joint pain connected to osteoarthritis. It is manufactured by a German pharmaceutical company BioPolymer GmbH.

The composition of the product consists of the following ingredients:

  • Both cross-linked and non-cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (or, as it is also called, hyaluronic acid). While being the main active component of Crespine Gel Plus, the substance has a concentration of 14 mg/ml and non-animal origin;
  • Sodium chloride;
  • Prilocaine hydrochloride (in simple words lidocaine);
  • Water.

Together, the above-mentioned ingredients form a viscous gel of high purity. While functioning as an intra-articular implant, it has the power to lubricate and cushion joints affected by osteoarthritis.

The Crespine Gel Plus medication is intended for professional usage only. The injection technique involves the administration of the product directly into the treated joint with the help of a sterile needle by a professional health care practitioner.

Please note: The product should not be injected into blood vessels.

On average, a single injection of Crespine Gel Plus makes a patient feel pain relief in the treated joint for a time period of up to 8 months. However, it strongly depends on the individual properties of each person, such as their age, health condition, or lifestyle.

What’s in the box? The standard package of Crespine Gel Plus contains one prefilled syringe with 2 ml of the solution.

Indications for Usage

The main indication for the usage of Crespine Gel Plus is to reduce associated with osteoarthritis joint pain. In other words, the product is used to replace the synovial fluid found naturally in joints and, therefore, take care of the painful grinding of cartilage within joints.

Crespine Gel Plus might be administered into the following areas:

  • Knee joints;
  • Hip joints.

Apart from the application areas that are mentioned above, it might also be injected into other joints in the human body.


There exist several contraindications to the injection of Crespine Gel Plus. For instance, the product should not be used under one of the following circumstances:

  • If a patient is under the age of 18;
  • If a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • If a patient has a severe health complication (for example, Crespine Gel Plus is contraindicated to patients who suffer from a cardiovascular disorder, untreated epilepsy, or autoimmune disease);
  • If a patient has an allergy to any component of the product (since Crespine Gel Plus is a non-cross-linked and cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel, it should not be administered to patients with individual hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid).

The exact list of contraindications to the usage of Crespine Gel Plus depends on the full medical history of each patient and, therefore, should be defined individually by health care practitioners.

Possible Side Effects

Crespine Gel Plus belongs to safe products that rarely lead to severe side effects. In most cases, the gel forms a special layer in the affected joint without causing any serious complications.

However, the injection of Crespine Gel Plus might still lead to the following side effects:

  • The temporary feeling of the extreme heat around the injection site;
  • The irritation of a patient’s skin at the area of the treatment (including its redness, itching, or swelling);
  • The feeling of pain or discomfort in the affected joint.

Under normal circumstances, these symptoms tend to disappear without any medical help within several days after the procedure. However, a patient should still inform a health care practitioner in case of noticing any of them after the administration of the viscous gel.

Please note: Under rare circumstances, the administration of Crespine Gel Plus might lead to serious health complications, such as a depressed cardiovascular function. In such cases, a health care practitioner should be contacted as soon as possible.

After-Treatment Recovery Recommendations

The treatment that involves the injection of Crespine Gel Plus is minimally invasive. In most cases, it requires little to no downtime and, therefore, allows a patient to get back to their usual lifestyle shortly after the procedure.

Still, there exist several after-treatment recovery recommendations that should be followed attentively. For the first 48 hours after the Crespine Gel Plus injection, a patient should:

  • Avoid strenuous exercising;
  • Stay away from the extra load on the treated joint;
  • Apply ice to the area of the treatment in case of feeling pain.

By means of following these simple rules, a patient will be able to minimize the possibility of any complications and maximize the result of the treatment.

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