How Much Botox Do I Need for the First Time?
Date: 4 Aug 2023
Authors: Olivia Drake
Folder: Botulinum

Planning the treatment is one of the essential steps for a positive experience in the aesthetician’s office. Knowing and understanding all the details makes it much easier to create a comfortable routine where all basic steps will be highlighted, the process explained, and the aftercare routine will be considered to ensure no severe adverse reactions develop after the injection session. Among all the important things, we have to calculate the botulinum toxin dose, especially if a person tries this procedure for the first time. This will help with numerous other essentials, such as calculating the price of the appointment, finding out more about the recommended number of treatments, and other peculiarities that should be added to one’s cosmetic plan.

Thus, today’s article will be fully dedicated to Botox injections and their recommended dosage for newcomers. Understanding the process is key to a positive experience, and we want people not to be afraid. Continue reading this article, find out more beneficial info, and raise your awareness on this topic; FillerCloud is here to learn together, so let’s start our journey!

More About Botox Units

Botox unit is a special measurement of the botulinum toxin dose recommended for the treatment to reach set aesthetic goals and erase wrinkles in target spots. All numbers must be calculated in the doctor’s office, as each person’s needs are individual and may vary based on the initial request and other essential factors.

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Botox typically comes in vial form, each one containing 100 units of the solution. When preparing the injection, the syringe is filled with the appropriate amount of the remedy. After the vial is opened, it must be used within 24 hours; otherwise, it loses its effectiveness and must be thrown away. That’s one of the main reasons specialists set appointments for a few patients in a row, ensuring the whole vial will be used, and no Botox will be wasted.

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How to Calculate the Number of Botox Units for the Procedure?

To know the exact price for the injection session, a person must visit a doctor’s office for an eye-to-eye consultation. It’s only possible to name the precise amount of the solution for the treatment by inspecting the skin, so a pre-administration appointment cannot be avoided.

In the clinic, a specialist should have a closer look at one’s skin, define aesthetic problems and their severity, mark the injection spots, and only after that calculate the best dosage for the procedure. Mind that sometimes one session is not enough, and follow-up treatment is required approximately two weeks after the first one (it’s typically enough for all side effects to fade away and for Botox to start working properly). How many units of Botox are needed also depends on a person’s age, skin condition, health statement, and some other factors; it may also vary based on a clinic’s location and doctor’s experience (typically, the more popular a practitioner is, the pricier their services will be). However, all those can be researched on the Internet, so there should be no problems with that.

How Do I Know How Much Botox I Need for the First Treatment?

To know how many units of the solution are required for Botox treatment, a specialist should evaluate the strength of the target facial muscles. Some muscles are naturally stronger than others, so knowing this information will help make the administration more precise and improve the best quality. For a successful treatment, a medical professional should analyze the request, decide whether to use Botox or dermal fillers and discuss desired target zones with a person, as this factor is also decisive when it comes to botulinum toxin dose calculation.

Recommended Dose for Each Facial Area

Botox treatment

  • Forehead lines: Recommended beginner dose for this region is 20 units of the solution. Five injection sites are selected, and 4 units of the product are administered in each of them to spread it evenly. Follow-up appointments should be scheduled two-three weeks after the first one to even out the effect and reach the initially planned results. If this procedure is used regularly, the amount of Botox may be increased to 30 units;
  • Glabellar lines: The perfect dose for this zone is similar to the forehead wrinkles one – up to 25 units. The injection should be used on the flat area between the eyebrows; the intensity is decided based on the severity of the problem;
  • Crow’s feet: Tiny wrinkles in the outer eyes corners need less Botox, as they are typically smaller than deep forehead lines. 10 to 15 units per side generally are enough to deal with this problem and leave a person with smooth, flawless skin.

These are primary zones for Botox treatments; people typically consider botulinum toxin type A for those. Some other cosmetic procedures may be performed with Botox, such as bunny lines correction, smile lines reduction, gummy smile treatment, and others. However, some of these treatments are considered off-label, so ensure to discuss them with a specialist to plan a safe appointment.

Factors That Affect the Number of Units for the Procedure?

As we briefly mentioned here, the initial Botox dosage injected into the target area should be decided after considering certain essential factors. Here, the following should be highlighted:

  • Muscles type. Some muscles are stronger or tenser than others; thus, using the same solution amount for all regions is impossible. It depends on different things; for example, men have stronger muscles genetically than women, so they need more Botox to see the effect. On top of that, some muscles are used more often than others, so they are tenser and need higher treatment frequency for a successful outcome;
  • Metabolism. People’s bodies digest Botox at different speeds, and so, to provide four to six months of noticeable skin improvement, various solution dosages may be required for cosmetic treatments. As soon as the effect decrease is noticed, a maintenance procedure should be scheduled to repeat the administration and prolong the results. Plus, individuals with faster metabolism recover faster after the administration session, so the results become visible earlier than in those with slower metabolism;
  • The initial procedure goal. The amount of Botox must be calculated based on which muscles a person wants to target. You cannot use the same number of units for crow’s feet and forehead Botox injections, as they require different intensities.

Another beneficial thing about botulinum toxins is that they can be combined with other aesthetic procedures for a better outcome. Just like that, specialists often use them together with dermal fillers, mesotherapy solutions, and other rejuvenating sessions. This is safe, is suitable for practically any individual out there, and, as a bonus, the combination of treatments he’s maintaining young looks without the need for surgeon’s services. Isn’t it a dream?

Expected Botox Durability After the Appointment

Botox injectables are renowned for their temporary action, typically continuing between three to six months. This factor primarily depends on certain peculiarities, such as the person’s metabolism, muscle activity, and the specific target zone. Over time, the muscle activity gradually returns as the body metabolizes Botox, and the effects of the treatment start to diminish.

Regular touch-up sessions are often recommended to maintain the visible effect. A skilled and experienced healthcare provider can assess the individual’s unique requests and create a personalized aesthetic plan to ensure the longevity of the product. Patients should keep in mind that frequent or excessive Botox treatments could lead to resistance or tolerance, making the injections less effective over time.

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To Sum Up: How Many Units of Botox Do I Need?

Botox is an excellent product that uses botulinum toxin type A in its composition as the main active ingredient. Its main task is to pause muscle contractions in target areas and thus provide desired relaxation and relief in it. However, to guarantee a safe and successful treatment, it’s vital to use the correct amount of the solution and not overdo the dose to prevent frozen expression on one’s face. It’s better to schedule an eye-to-eye appointment before the injection session, so the doctor can look closer at the target region, evaluate the problem, and create the perfect scheme for the cosmetic injection. For now, that’s it for today’s article. Thank you for stopping by!

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