How Much Juvederm Is Usually Injected into Lips?
Date: 27 Jul 2023
Authors: Melanie Elmer

What do we know about the lip area? It’s sensitive; it has thin skin; plumpness and smoothness are essential for a pleasant, younger-looking appearance in this zone. But what to do if the aging process starts showing its first signs, and a person begins looking older, tired, and not as refreshed as they used to? Well, using dermal filler is a perfect solution. Let us introduce you to the Juvederm brand for lips!

This product is well-known in the cosmetic sphere for numerous reasons: its safety when it comes to wrinkles reduction, an excellent formula that provides immediate improvement after the treatment, and a wide variety of injectables to fulfill any goal a patient may have. Still, today’s article is fully dedicated to Juvederm lip fillers and the way people may benefit from them after just one administration session. Continue reading and learn all about the fantastic possibilities Juvederm can give you!

Juvederm And Its Working Principle

Juvederm – one of the most known and used solutions to maintain a youthful appearance; while being popular worldwide, this product by Allergan has the reputation of one of the safest, most effective, and generally beneficial brands in the aesthetic medicine sphere.

Juvederm is a brand meant to be used only by licensed professionals. Therefore, to purchase Juvederm online, you must provide the number of your medical license so we can check it and confirm you are indeed an experienced specialist allowed to use this injectable in your clinic.

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All Juvederm fillers are hyaluronic acid-based; cross-linked formulations of non-anima origin allow the product to settle better under the skin, minimize the risk of severe adverse reaction development, and make the final results more natural-looking in general. The main secret of Juvederm’s success is that HA in the composition can be found in the human skin, making this injectable 100% biodegradable. Another bonus that should be mentioned is the presence of lidocaine in practically every solution by the brand; thanks to it, every treatment is painless and calm, and unwanted stress can be easily avoided.

Three Things About Juvederm Fillers Anyone Should Know

Before trying Juvederm dermal fillers for any purpose (whether it’s lip augmentation or wrinkles reduction), patients should learn more about the product and procedure to ensure there is a clear understanding of the process, brand, and all possible risks. Here are three main things to consider before setting an appointment with a medical professional:

  • Juvederm’s results are temporal. We understand that some individuals may expect the effect that would last years, but the truth is hyaluronic acid tends to wear off in a year or so, so maintenance treatments must be scheduled regularly for a more durable skin improvement;
  • Adverse reactions are rare but still possible. HA is a substance naturally found in the body, meaning it settles pretty quickly under the skin. Still, patients should be ready for local irritations like swelling, redness, or bruising. Even though Juvederm is safe, some time is still needed to get used to it;
  • An aftercare routine is required for all irritations to disappear faster. Typically, a few days are enough for all side effects to fade away. However, recovery may be faster if a patient follows aftercare recommendations after the injection session (we’ll talk more about those in the next paragraphs).

Now that we got acquainted with the basics let’s dive deeper into the world of Juvederm lip injections!

How Much Juvederm Do I Need for Lips?

If you are wondering how much filler you need for lip augmentation, the best thing to do is visit a doctor’s office and discuss this nuance. Different amount of gel is required for various aesthetic requests, so this must be kept in mind and considered together with a professional. On average, one syringe is enough to correct the shape and lip contour, and two syringes are recommended to augment the area properly. But, once again, this factor is strictly individual, so plan your treatment responsibly.

Top Juvederm Fillers for Lip Enhancement

The variety of Juvederm injectables is impressive, we’ve already discussed it briefly. However, as this article is fully dedicated to solutions for lower and upper lip, we would like to look closely at the top three products for lip enhancement.

Some fillers presented here are also suitable for other cosmetic purposes, such as nasolabial folds and vertical lines reduction, skin hydration, dermis tone and texture improvement, and others. To find the best option for one’s needs, visiting a doctor’s office and creating a treatment specifically for a patient’s needs is highly recommended. 

Juvederm Ultra XC

Most patients choose this injectable for lip augmentation as it has a high concentration of the active substance (24mg/ml) and is improved with the help of a unique 3D-Matrix technology, making it safer, long-lasting, and more effective in general. By using it, a specialist can make the upper and lower lip fuller, smooth out lines around the mouth, and plump up the area to give a person a more seductive appearance. The average durability for this injectable is twelve-sixteen months, and it can be easily prolonged with a timely scheduled filler treatment.

Juvederm Ultra Smile

Similarly to the previous product, Juvederm Ultra Smile has a 24mg/ml HA concentration; in addition, it’s also perfected with 3D-Matrix technology, so it works as nicely as Juvederm Ultra XC. The main difference is that Ultra Smile’s formulation was explicitly created for sensitive lip zone, while the previous version suits well for other aesthetic purposes, such as wrinkles elimination, lost volume restoration, and others. As for longevity, twelve months is a typical period for this lip filler.

Juvederm Volbella XC

The last product we’d like to discuss is Juvederm Volbella XC, which is highly demanded in the aesthetic field. The hyaluronic acid concentration here is 15 mg/ml, and the technology used during production differs from the one in two previous products – Vycross. The effect is soft and subtle, so it’s perfect for lip contour correction, gentle augmentation, and asymmetry correction. After the treatment, people should expect up to a year of efficacy.Juvederm Injected into Lips

How Is Juvederm Injected into Lips?

As for the administration session, the rules here are rather simple and easy to remember. First of all, the injection must be performed on a clean area, meaning makeup, balm, and other contaminants must be removed in advance by a nurse. The next step is optional – patients with low pain tolerance may choose to apply a topical anesthetic to the injection spots to ensure no painful sensations during Juvederm administration. Afterward, the gel is introduced into previously defined zones in even portions to provide a symmetrical result; the product can be added gradually to even out the structure.

Remember, Juvederm’s effect is controllable, so it may be corrected as the filler is settled after the initial treatment. And in case a patient doesn’t like how the results turn out, a special hyaluronidase infusion may be used to break down HA molecules and return to the pre-treatment appearance.

What About Aftercare Recommendations?

We’ve already mentioned the importance of aftercare routine briefly. Now, let’s pay more attention to this topic and discuss the best tips and tricks to make a recovery non-problematic and quick, allowing a person to enjoy their appearance improvement almost immediately after the injection session:

  • Prevent rubbing in the target zone to reduce the chances of filler migration. Only the doctor may massage the area to help the product settle better. If it’s not done under the supervision of an experienced expert, this may be considered dangerous and potentially spoil the effect;
  • Overheated places are definitely “no” for at least three days. Hot tubs, showers in steaming hot water, solariums, and other similar spots cause the body temperature to rise. As a result, local adverse reactions like swelling or bruising may become worse and prolong the recovery time;
  • Strenuous exercises in the gym must be postponed for a few days. Once again, a patient must do everything to prevent filler migration, and challenging training sessions are among the top three of this problem’s causes;
  • Stop taking medications with blood-thinning abilities. These may worsen bruising and spoil one’s appearance significantly for up to a week;
  • Other cosmetic and dental treatments should be scheduled at least a week after the lip filler. Wait till the complete recovery before undergoing other procedures and stressing your organism even more;
  • Contact a doctor as soon as any warning signs are noticed. Safety is the key to success for an aesthetic practice, and lip filler is not an exception. Inform your doctor if anything feels odd or painful after the injection session.

The healing journey is individual, so aftercare rules should be selected according to one’s needs and body peculiarities. Here, we mentioned standard practices, but discussing this topic in depth with a medical practitioner is always a good idea to ensure all the needs can be fulfilled successfully after the treatment.

Should I Be Worried About Adverse Reactions?

Regarding side effects after the injection session, they typically vary from little to none. As mentioned, hyaluronic acid is a natural, biodegradable substance, so the body accepts it easily. As a result, the worst most patients experience is swelling, bruising, redness, and other local irritations. The needle puncture in the sensitive lip area typically causes all of these. Some individuals with delicate skin may also feel discomfort during the first few hours after the injection.

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As for more severe adverse effects, these are usually related to allergic reactions like trouble breathing, swollen tongue or throat, loss of consciousness, and others. To avoid those, a pre-appointment with a doctor is vital to ensure Juvederm is a safe option for a patient. Filler migration is also rare but must be reported immediately in case any signs of this problem are noticed.

The Bottom Line: The Perfect Filler Dose for Lip Enhancement

Lip augmentation is a popular procedure widely used to correct lip shape, enhance contours, and make overall lip appearance more pleasant. It’s safe for most patients thanks to the hyaluronic acid used in its composition; this substance is 100% natural and causes minimal adverse reactions, meaning the recovery doesn’t take too much time, either. As for the perfect dosage for the procedure, one to two syringes are typically enough to see decent results. Of course, this factor is strictly individual and must be discussed in a doctor’s office for the sake of a person’s safety. That’s it for today’s article, take care!

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