Where to Get Botox on Face? Top-3 Injection Zones
Date: 18 Aug 2023
Authors: Olivia Drake

Botox treatments are strongly beloved by healthcare providers and their patients all over the world. Their high safety, strong effectiveness, and long-lasting results have already won the hearts of thousands of people around the globe.

But what exactly is Botox? What are its main indications? And where to get Botox injections on your face? Let us find answers to these questions together by checking out the below-mentioned information. How about delving into the world of Botox right away?

A Safety Note

Only a certified healthcare provider with a valid medical license is eligible to order Botox online. The main reason for it is that it belongs to botulinum toxin injections intended for professional use (similar to Bocouture, Dysport, Xeomin, and other products of such a kind.

What Is Botox?

Above anything else, let us figure out what Botox is. Below, you will find information on its definition, working principle, manufacturer, side effects, and expected results.


Botox is a brand of injectable treatments based on botulinum toxin (type A). Its strong muscle-relaxing properties are used to address a wide range of health and cosmetic issues, starting from muscle spasms and ending with dynamic wrinkles.

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Botulinum toxin (type A) is a substance produced by the bacterium of Clostridium botulinum. While being pretty dangerous on the one hand, it is an exceptionally effective treatment of different medical and aesthetic conditions related to muscle contraction on the other hand.

Working Principle

The working principle of Botox treatment looks as follows: as soon as a healthcare provider intramuscularly injects botulinum toxin (type A), it starts to temporarily block nerve endings attached to muscles around the treatment area. It eventually leads to muscle relaxation.

Due to the power of the human body to restore the temporarily blocked nerve endings, the action of botulinum toxin (type A) fades away with time. As soon as it happens, muscles around the treatment area start to contract again.


Botox treatment is manufactured by Allergan. It is a global pharmaceutical corporation that produces a wide range of medical and cosmetic solutions intended for professional use. They include Belkyra treatments, Celluvisc solutions, Juvederm dermal fillers, and many more world-known brands.

Due to the power of Allergan to combine experience and innovation while producing its products, all of them are characterized by high-quality composition, strong effectiveness, and excellent results. These properties make Botox the most popular treatment based on botulinum toxin (type A).

Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, Botox treatment does not cause any serious adverse reactions. At the same time, however, it might sometimes lead to a number of side effects. Namely, some of the patients who have undergone an injection of Botox might notice:

  • Temporary skin irritation around the injection site (including redness, itching, or swelling);
  • Painful sensations at the treatment zone;
  • Nausea.

In most cases, side effects after Botox treatment have a temporary nature. They tend to disappear in two to five days after the procedure without any medical help. Still, a patient is recommended to contact a healthcare provider in case of having any of the above-mentioned side effects after an injection of Botox.

Expected Results

No matter whether it has been used to address medical or aesthetic issues, Botox treatment does not create permanent results since it only partially controls the relaxation of affected muscles. Normally, a patient should expect muscle relaxation to last three to six months after having Botox injected.

At the same time, however, the exact duration of Botox results strongly depends on a number of factors, starting from a patient’s current age and ending with their lifestyle. While some patients enjoy Botox results for only a couple of months, others mention them to remain visible for more than a year.

Botox results might be substantially prolonged by periodical touch-up injections. The main reason for it is that botulinum toxin (type A) has a cumulative effect. Thus, the more Botox treatments a patient has already undergone, the more long-lasting their results are going to be.

What Are the Indications for Botox Injections?

Botox treatments have a wide range of medical and aesthetic indications. Below, you will find the list of the main health and cosmetic issues that might be treated with the help of botulinum toxin (type A).botox face injections

Medical Indications

Medical indications of Botox treatment include:

  • Neck pain (botulinum toxin (type A) effectively relaxes neck muscles and, therefore, minimizes discomfort caused by their contraction);
  • Teeth grinding;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • Overactive bladder;
  • Lazy eye;
  • TMJ pain;
  • And so on.

Injections of Botox work in a rather quick way. Therefore, a patient might experience a substantial improvement of the above-mentioned health issues almost immediately after undergoing the injection of botulinum toxin (type A).

Aesthetic Indications

Aesthetic indications of Botox treatment, in their turn, contain:

  • Dynamic wrinkles and fine lines (while appearing as a result of overactive facial muscles, they include crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, bunny lines, nasolabial folds, vertical lines between the eyebrows, nose wrinkles, glabellar lines, wrinkles in tear trough area, smoker’s lines, wrinkles at the outer corners of the mouth, marionette lines, and vertical creases caused by intense facial expressions);
  • Flip of the upper lip;
  • Reduction of the gummy smile;
  • Minimization of facial asymmetry;
  • Removal of the double chin;
  • And so on.

By means of taking care of the above-mentioned cosmetic issues, injections of Botox substantially rejuvenate the aged appearance of a patient. As well, they make a person’s smile look way more stunning than before the procedure.

Where on Face to Get Botox?

If a patient would like to inject Botox to smooth fine creases underneath the eyes, take care of gummy smile, or flip the upper lip, it is essential to know what facial areas might be treated with the help of botulinum toxin (type A). Below, you will find the list of top-3 Botox injection zones on a patient’s face.

#1. Upper Face

In the upper face, Botox might be injected into the following zones:

  • A zone between the eyebrows (in order to take care of frown lines);
  • Forehead zone (with an aim of taking care of forehead wrinkles and horizontal forehead lines);
  • A zone at the top of the nose (for the purpose of getting rid of bunny lines).

#2. Periorbital Area of the Face

When discussing the periorbital area of the face, it is worth mentioning that Botox might be injected into the following zones:

  • Tear trough zone and the surrounding skin (in order to improve the appearance of tear troughs);
  • A zone around the eyes (with a purpose of reducing crow’s feet);
  • Eyebrow zone (primarily to create the so-called “chemical Botox facelift” and, therefore, lift the eyebrows).

#3. Lower Face

Last but not least, Botox might also be injected into the following zones of the lower face:

  • A zone around the mouth (in order to minimize fine lines at the corners of the mouth);
  • Chin zone (with a purpose of reducing the double chin and preventing dimpling);
  • A zone around the jaw (especially to take care of teeth grinding by means of relaxing the masseter muscle).

Apart from the above-mentioned Botox treatment areas, botulinum toxin (type A) might also be administered into a patient’s platysma muscles to minimize the neck bands and create the so-called “Nefertiti neck lift.”

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A Bottom Line

All in all, Botox is an advantageous treatment that might be effectively used to take care of a wide range of medical and aesthetic indications. It might be injected into various areas of a patient’s body and face, including the upper face, the perioral zone, and the lower face. So, how about giving Botox a try and enhancing your facial appearance in a minimally-invasive, natural-looking, ans long-lasting way?

Post Scriptum

Make sure to rely on a licensed dermatologist, cosmetologist, or plastic surgeon to get the maximum out of your Botox treatment.

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