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While being manufactured by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Q-Med (Galderma), Restylane is a brand that produces cosmetic injectables of the highest quality. Its product line consists of a wide range of aesthetic solutions, such as:

  • Restylane Kysse;
  • Restylane Defyne;
  • Restylane Refyne;
  • Restylane Volyme;
  • And many more.

One more popular, effective, and durable product in the Restylane range is Restylane Vital Injector 2ml. So, how about checking out its detailed description right away? Let us delve into the world of aesthetic beauty with Restylane!

The Restylane product line also contains a “lighter” version of the Restylane Vital Injector, namely the Restylane Vital Light Injector. Both products have equal quality but different densities. So, feel free to compare Restylane Vital Light and Restylane Vital prior to deciding which option will fit the needs of your patient.

Basic Characteristics

Restylane Vital Injector is a dermal filler that is effectively used to fight various age-related skin imperfections. It is one of the most effective solutions in the Restylane rejuvenation range.

The composition of the product is based on two following ingredients:

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin with a concentration of 20 mg/ml;
  • Lidocaine hydrochloride.

Together, these ingredients create a perfect formula that provides a patient with the most optimally designed results. While hyaluronic acid rejuvenates the skin, lidocaine reduces the feeling of pain and discomfort.

The technology that is employed in the production of the dermal filler is called NASHA. It allows the product to obtain a firm gel texture that will remain efficient for a durable time period.

The treatment protocol of the product suggests that it should be administered in three sessions with a four-week interval between them. If necessary, however, it might be prolonged by a medical professional.

Restylane Vital might be injected either via a prefilled syringe with the new revolutionary thin-wall needle or via the injector pen with the new thinner needle system (both prefilled syringes and pen-type injectors are available on the market these days).

In most cases, Restylane Vital administered via the injector pen gives excellent volume application and assures the faster-controlled flow of gel. It offers an ergonomic grip which allows steady handheld treatment ensuring the needle stability. Moreover, the pen-type injector excludes the possibility of making the dosage amount too high by means of ensuring controlled doses per injection. Thus, the Restylane Injector delivery system belongs to the most innovative injector-type forms of dermal filler applications.

The dermal filler should be administered into the deep dermis of a patient’s skin by a certified healthcare professional. Such an injection ensures a durable result that, depending on a patient’s skin condition, age, and lifestyle, might last up to 12 months.

What’s in the box? The package of Restylane Vital Injector includes one prefilled injector with 2 ml of the product.

Usage Indications

Restylane Vital Injector is a product that is indicated to fight different imperfections that are related to skin aging. It is an efficient solution to restore the structure and hydration over the surface areas of skin tissues.

When being more precise, the dermal filler is mostly used to:

  • Moisturize the skin;
  • Add volume to certain facial areas;
  • Enhance the skin elasticity;
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and folds.

As well, the product might be administered under a patient’s skin to accelerate natural collagen and elastin production and, therefore, rejuvenate the skin “from within.”

In most cases, Restylane Vital Injector is used to treat the skin around the patient’s facial oval, neck, decollete, or hands. The product simultaneously produces optimum results and enhances the overall appearance of a patient.

The new thinner needle system of the product ensures the correct deepness of the injection and therefore leads to the most optimally designed results of the procedure.


Due to the excellent composition of Restylane Vital Injector, it is considered to be an extremely safe and fully biocompatible product. However, its administration is NOT recommended if:

  • A patient is allergic to any ingredient in the product’s composition;
  • A patient has an ongoing infection around the surface areas of skin at the injection site;
  • A patient lives with a severe disease, such as diabetess mellitus, poor blood clotting, or so on;
  • A patient is pregnant or breastfeeding.

To make sure that a patient does not have any contraindications to the injection of the product, a healthcare should run the detailed overview of the patient’s current health condition prior to the procedure.

Possible Side Effects

Under normal circumstances, the usage of Restylane Injector delivery system does not lead to any complications. Still, it might rarely cause one of the following side effects:

  • Skin irritation, redness, or itching at the injection site;
  • Mild swelling;
  • Discoloration around the treatment area;
  • Temporary feeling of pain or discomfort.

In most cases, these symptoms disappear on their own within several days after the treatment without any medical supervision. Nevertheless, a patient should contact a healthcare practitioner in case of having any unpleasant symptoms after the procedure.

After-Treatment Recovery Recommendations

Restylane Vital Injectorbelongs to dermal fillers that do not require any special after-treatment recovery. However, a patient should follow these simple rules for the first 48 hours after the procedure:

  • Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen cream around the injection site;
  • Stay away from excessive (namely, evade taking hot bathtubs or visiting saunas);
  • Do not wear makeup at the area of the treatment.

This way, a patient will maximize the efficiency of the procedure and minimize the risk of any complications.

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