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Mirena English (1 IUDx52mg)


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    The contemporary medical sphere offers a significant number of birth control methods. Namely, you might efficiently plan your pregnancy by means of using non-hormonal or combined hormonal contraception. Below, you will find detailed information on Mirena English 52 mg 1 IUD, one of the most popular intrauterine contraceptives on the market these days. So, let us check out its essential properties (such as the product’s therapeutic indications, contraceptive efficacy, or side effects) right away.

  • Basic Characteristics

    Mirena English 52 mg 1 IUD is a hormonal intrauterine system that functions as a safeefficient, and long-lasting birth control method.

    While being manufactured by a global pharmaceutical company Bayer (Germany), it stands side by side with the following women’s healthcare solutions that are offered by the brand:

    • Diane-35;
    • Qlaira;
    • Skyla;
    • Visanne;
    • Yasmin;
    • Yaminelle;
    • YAZ;
    • And so on.

    The product is made out of plastic. It is T-shaped and therefore resembles the form of a women’s uterus. While being a hormonal device, Mirena English 52mg 1 IUD is based on levonorgestrel (or, as it might also be called, progestin).

    The treatment protocol of Mirena English 52mg 1 IUD assumes the insertion of a device into the uterus by a certified health practitioner. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is intended exclusively for professional usage.

    The working principle of Mirena English 52mg 1 IUD is pretty straightforward. Here is how it functions:

    • Firstly, a health care practitioner investigates a patient’s current health condition to exclude any contraindications to the procedure and administers the device into a patient’s uterine cavity;
    • Secondly, a device starts acting. Namely, it releases levonorgestrel that thickens the cervical mucus and thins the lining of the uterus and ovarian tubes.

    After the Mirena insertion, normal sperm movement and ovulation become partially suppressed. In other words, the egg can no longer be fertilized, and a patient gets 99% protection from unplanned pregnancy for a durable time period that might last up to 5 years. The result of the Mirena insertion is fully reversible. Therefore, a patient might ask a health care practitioner to remove the device at any time and thus become fertile again.

    What’s in the box? The package of Mirena English 52mg 1 IUD includes one intrauterine device.

  • Indications for Usage

    Mirena English 52mg 1 IUD has two basic usage indications. Namely, it might be applied to:

    • To prevent unplanned pregnancy. Therefore, Mirena functions as an efficient method of sexual and reproductive healthcare;
    • To treat heavy menstrual bleeding. When being more precise, the intrauterine contraception of Mirena has been proven as an efficient method to treat idiopathic heavy menstrual bleeding. In other words, it makes menstrual blood loss much lighter.

    Therefore, it is an efficient intrauterine delivery system of levonorgestrel that provides a patient with both contraceptive protection and creates decreased blood loss.

    Apart from the above-mentioned usage indications of Mirena, it might also be applied to treat chest pain that is related to prolonged or heavy bleeding. Moreover, the IUD is sometimes applied to normalize a patient’s menstrual cycle.

  • Contraindications

    Not each and every patient is a good candidate for the insertion of the levonorgestrel intrauterine delivery system of Mirena. Namely, it should not be used under one of the following health conditions:

    • If a patient is pregnant or suspects to be pregnant;
    • If a patient experiences uterine abnormalities;
    • If a patient suffers from a pelvic inflammatory disease;
    • If a patient lives with severe disease (such as cancer, untreated epilepsy, liver disease, hepatitis C virus infections);
    • If a patient has an allergy or individual hypersensitivity to any component of the IUD;
    • If a patient has experienced prior bleeding problems or disorders;
    • If a patient takes incompatible with Mirena preparations, such as the ones that are used to treat epilepsy, antifungal medicines, or antibiotics;
    • And so on.
  • Possible Side Effects

    Mirena is an FDA-approved treatment. Therefore, it is exceptionally safe and rarely leads to any serious complications. Still, the insertion of the Mirena IUD might cause the appearance of one of the following side effects of hormonal contraceptive use:

    • Irregular bleeding;
    • Nervousness;
    • Headache (migraine);
    • Abdominal pain;
    • Ovarian cysts;
    • Weight gain;
    • Depression;
    • And so on.

    In some cases, however, the usage of Mirena hormonal contraceptives might lead to an increased risk of the appearance of more difficult hormone-related adverse events, such as severe pelvic pain or cramping abdominal pain. Moreover, the improper placement of the device might even cause uterine perforation. Therefore, it is of vital importance to rely exclusively on a certified health care practitioner.

    Despite the 99% efficiency of Mirena, it might still turn out to be ineffective and lead to ectopic pregnancy. However, it happens in extremely rare cases.

  • After-Insertion Recommendations

    The insertion of the progestin intrauterine delivery system of Mirena does not require any specific after-insertion recovery. However, a patient should follow the below-mentioned recommendations for the first 48 hours after the procedure:

    • Do not insert anything (for instance, tampons or menstrual cups) into the vagina;
    • Avoid taking hot bath tubes;
    • Stay away from having sexual intercourse.

    By means of following these simple recommendations, a patient will be able to maximize the efficiency of the treatment and minimize the appearance of the risks connected to the insertion of Mirena intrauterine devices.

    In case of having the feeling of discomfort or pain after the insertion of Mirena, a patient might intake non-steroidal inflammatory drugs. This way, a patient might experience appropriate pain relief.

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