The Transformative Effects of Restylane under the Eyes
Date: 8 Jan 2024
Authors: Olivia Drake

The under-eye area has the thinnest skin on the face. It’s delicate and, thus, most prone to early aging; besides, those with active facial impressions can see tiny wrinkles in the eye corners due to constant movement in this region. Such lines are also called dynamic wrinkles, and they tend to occur first because of the skin’s unique structure around the eyes.

However, there are some ways to deal with age-related problems and forget about tired-looking eyes for a long time. Of course, we mean dermal fillers, as this cosmetic treatment type is one of the most popular options known on the market. Today’s article, in particular, will discuss the Restylane brand, the way it works for the eye region, and all the benefits people should consider to make the right decision in the doctor’s office. On top of that, we’ll remind all the procedure’s essential specialists, as there’s no harm in refreshing your knowledge on this topic from time to time. Are you ready to start the discussion?

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Which Problems Can Be Treated with Restylane Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers?

To see prominent results, it’s important to dive deeper into the world of dermal filler injections and highlight all the patient’s requests, cosmetic goals, and other crucial nuances required to plan the process. With Restylane hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, beneficial results can be achieved when it comes to the following issues:

  • Tear trough treatment;
  • Reduce under-eye shadows;
  • Treat dark circles;
  • Deal with volume loss and under-eye hollows;
  • And other goals.

The best thing about under-eye fillers is that their smooth texture is perfect for the most sensitive facial areas. That’s why Restylane is often used as a gel for lip augmentation and contouring. For a better effect, this injectable is often combined with other cosmetic treatments, such as Botox administration.

Reasons to Pick Restylane for a Delicate Under-Eye Area

Restylane cosmetic procedures are gaining popularity in aesthetic medicine for numerous reasons. Both patients and specialists enjoy the way the brand works for aged, tired eyes. No wonder it’s one of our top sellers (you can check out the whole range on the Restylane webpage in the Brands category). Mainly, these reasons are pointed out when one is asked why Restylane injectables are so good:

Woman showing under eye area for restylane injection

  • The active substance (hyaluronic acid) has a natural composition, so irritations are rare after Restylane treatments;
  • The consistent of the gel is smooth, so the administration process is simple, fast, and is rarely followed by complications;
  • The effect is visible right after the procedure, and maintenance treatments can be performed if slight corrections are required. That’s also why people can return to their daily routine once the procedure is finished;
  • The results last almost a year, which is longer than many other cosmetic injections;
  • It’s an excellent replacement for a surgical procedure if a person isn’t ready for invasive treatments;
  • All the doses are calculated strictly according to a person’s needs so a specialist can easily adjust them. In addition, less filler is required if the treatment is performed regularly.

Let’s Talk Time: Restylane Longevity

Restylane, like many other dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid in the composition, is well known because of its longevity. This product has many variations; each one varies based on the HA concentration, density, and other essential characteristics. As follows, each option is considered for different aesthetic goals, and we believe it would be helpful to mention those briefly for a better understanding.

So, how do board-certified professionals typically choose Restylane fillers for the under-eye zone?

  • Restylane Refyne – it works well for filling in creases, such as crow’s feet. It can also be used for other regions, including nasolabial folds and marionette lines;
  • Restylane Silk – this one is often picked as a tear trough filler, as well as a solution for dark circles;
  • Restylane Lyft and Restylane Defyne – perfect injectables to restore lost volume.

Of course, there are more variations that people can choose from, but we decided to concentrate on the ones mainly preferred on the Fillercloud website.

As for the effect, the results are noticeable right after the administration session; still, some patients experience local irritations, so a day or two are required to see the improvement in all its glory. If the procedure is performed according to all the safety rules and with a proper administration technique, patients may expect a long-lasting skin boost – one year is the standard Restylane durability. Surely, scheduling doctor’s appointments on time may help use touch-up treatments for one’s benefit and ensure Restylane keeps doing its magic to make one appear well-rested, glowing, and youthful.

Things That May Affect Restylane’s Results

We believe maintaining the Restylane effect for as long as possible is in everyone’s best interest. To do so, understanding all the things that may affect the injectable’s longevity is vital. This is a perfect way to create a beneficial routine for one’s needs, know all the steps for the aftercare routine, and schedule the appointments not to let the gel be absorbed fully by the body cells. Keep in mind these factors:

  • The volume of the used filler. The higher Restylane’s dose is, the longer the effect will last after the administration session. Of course, these numbers must be calculated according to the selected target region, the severity of the problem, as well as desired results;
  • Treatment zone. Areas around the eyes and mouth belong to the high mobility categories, meaning the filler wears off faster in them. As a result, more frequent administration sessions are demanded;
  • A customer’s age. The older a person is, the quicker the results wade away, as there are not enough essential substances to support a beneficial effect. So, frequent appointments are demanded for older patients;
  • Aftercare routine. Don’t underestimate the importance of the correct aftercare routine. If you take blood-thinning medications, visit overheated places, or rub the face intensely right after the administration session, the chances of extreme adverse reactions like filler migration increase. It’s better to discuss this nuance with a medical professional to plan the routine correctly.

What Are the Chances of Experiencing Side Effects?

Restylane contains hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, so the chances of complications after the treatment are minimal. Most individuals only experience local skin irritations, like swelling, redness, bruising, and other unfortunate symptoms. However, all of these are typically gone within a few hours after the injection session, so there should be no worries regarding this topic. Sometimes, those with sensitive skin may need a day or two for redness and swelling to disappear completely.

Still, it’s vital to remember safety rules and pay close attention to weird adverse reactions. We highly recommend contacting a doctor if a patient notices anything unusual, like trouble breathing, a swollen throat or tongue, unusual weakness, or other symptoms. Chances are, they experience severe allergic reactions.

SIDE NOTE: Are you eager to explore the distinctions between Juvederm and Restylane, seeking guidance for your cosmetic choices? Delve into our article, “Juvederm vs. Restylane: A Comparison” for comprehensive insights that can assist you in making informed decisions about these popular dermal fillers.

The Bottom Line: Restylane for Under Eyes

Restylane under-eye filler treatment is an excellent option for individuals with aged skin in this region; people who suffer from deep lines and creases around the eyes, as well as experiencing prominent hollowness in this zone, can easily benefit from this gel after just one injection session. Typically, just one appointment is enough to see improvement; however, the schedule is generally developed together with a medical specialist according to all patients’ needs and request peculiarities.

There are several Restylane variations suitable for the under-eye region, so the best one is typically selected according to age, severity of aesthetic problem, available filler dose, and other important factors. As there are plenty of variations, a specialist’s observance is demanded during each treatment stage to ensure the results turn out as good as expected. On this note, we would like to finish the discussion. Thank you for visiting the blog!

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