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Probably the greatest wish of people who live with arthritis is to get rid of the pain in their joints. The thing is that the disease has a number of symptoms, a painful feeling in joints being one of them.

Despite the fact that arthritis is a chronic health condition and, therefore, cannot be entirely cured, there exists a wide range of pharmaceutical products that take care of its symptoms efficiently.

Hyalgan, Durolane, and Orthovisc are probably the most well-known brands of orthopedic medications that are applied to treat pain associated with osteoarthritis. So, how about taking a closer look at Orthovisc right away?

A Few Words on the Orthovisc Brand

Orthovisc is an FDA-approved brand of orthopedic medication that is manufactured by Anika Therapeutics, Inc. The motto of this global pharmaceutical company is “restore active living.”

While being a joint preservation company, Anika Therapeutics, Inc. produces a number of well-known in the world of orthopedics products for:

  • The preservation and restoration of a joint (Tactoset, Hyalofast, etc.);
  • The management of pain in a joint (Monovisc, Cingal, Hyvisc, Orthovisc, etc.).

As well, the company manufactures advanced wound care, surgical, and ophthalmic solutions that have a positive effect on a patient’s overall health condition.

So, Orthovisc is a brand of joint pain management solution that is manufactured by a global pharmaceutical company Anika Therapeutics, Inc.

The Composition of Orthovisc

The main ingredient in the composition of Orthovisc is hyaluronic acid. It has a non-animal origin, ultra-pure structure, high molecular weight, and a concentration of 15 mg/ml.

While being comprised of sodium hyaluronate in physiologic saline, hyaluronic acid in the Orthovisc composition is absolutely biodegradable.

Please note: Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring lubricant and shock absorber that is an essential part of a healthy human joint.

The Indication for Orthovisc Usage

The indication for the usage of Orthovisc is the pain in joints that is caused by osteoarthritis. When being more precise, the preparation is applied to take care of the painful feeling in joints in case the following methods to treat it haven’t helped:

  • The physical therapy;
  • The intake of simple pain medications (such as an analgetic);
  • Any other method of conservative non-pharmacologic therapy.

Thus, a patient might receive Orthovisc in order to treat hip, elbow, or knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Please note: In the U.S. and Canada, Orthovisc injections are primarily used to take care of pain in the knee joint. However, in Europe, they are oftentimes applied to all synovial joints.

The Orthovisc Treatment Protocol

Under normal circumstances, a patient should undergo three to four Orthovisc injections within a one-week interval between each of them. However, the treatment protocol might be adjusted according to a patient’s individual medical history and medical condition by a health care practitioner.

An Orthovisc preparation should be injected directly into a patient’s joint that needs to be treated. The procedure has to be done by a certified health care practitioner with the help of a single-use syringe (the standard package of Orthovisc already includes a prefilled syringe with the preparation).

Please note: When discussing how much does an Orthovisc injection cost, it is essential to mention that it strongly depends on the clinic where it is performed. On average, its price might vary from $500 to $800.

The Expected Result of Orthovisc

After finishing the Orthovisc treatment protocol, a patient is expected to receive substantial joint pain relief for the time period of up to six months.

As soon as the above-mentioned result of the Orthovisc medication fades away, a patient might consider talking to their doctor and repeating the treatment protocol once again.

The Orthovisc Safety Note

Despite the absence of serious side effects after an Orthovisc injection, the following limitations to the procedure have to be considered:

  • An allergic reaction to any component of the preparation (such as hyaluronic acid);
  • Individual hypersensitivity to gram-positive bacterial proteins;
  • Skin infections around the injection site;
  • Bleeding disorders.

Please note: The parallel intake of certain prescription medicaments, food supplements, or herbal products might be contraindicated during the Orthovisc therapy. As well, certain other treatments might turn out to be incompatible with Orthovisc injections. Thus, patients should talk to their doctor promptly and provide them with a complete list of all the medications and procedures they are currently taking or undergoing.

As well, there exist several after-treatment recovery recommendations that should be taken into account when undergoing the Orthovisc injection. For instance, a patient should avoid weight-bearing activity and heavy lifting (as well as any kind of other strenuous activity) for the first 48 hours after the procedure.

The ignorance of the above-mentioned limitations (such as potential allergic reactions or ongoing skin infections) and after-care recommendations (such as the avoidance of strenuous activities) might lead to a number of complications after Orthovisc is injected, such as:

  • A patient might experience increased pain in the treated joint;
  • Redness, itching, or swelling of the injection site.

Sometimes, these complications disappear on their own within a couple of days after the treatment. However, a patient should contact a health care practitioner if pain or swelling continues.

Top-3 Benefits of Orthovisc Treatment

The Orthovisc treatment has a number of benefits. Let us take a closer look at the three main ones.

Benefit #1: Efficiency

Firstly, the usage of Orthovisc is a very effective treatment of painful joints in people who live with osteoarthritis. It might efficiently take care of the mild, middle, and severe degrees of elbow, hip, or knee pain.

Please note: A great number of patients claim to experience pain relief even after the first injection of Orthovisc, which is a solid indicator of a product’s efficiency. However, more than one injection is needed in order to make full benefits of the medication occur.

Benefit #2: Durability

Secondly, the Orthovisc preparation provides a patient with a long-lasting result. Namely, the completed treatment protocol might take care of the painful feeling in joints for a time period that equals six months.

Benefit #3: Safety

Thirdly, the high-quality composition of Orthovisc includes hyaluronic acid, which is an absolutely safe substance that occurs naturally in the human body and, therefore, rarely leads to serious adverse effects.

Where to Buy Orthovisc Online?

You might conveniently buy Orthovisc online on our website. This way, you will be able to take advantage of:

  • A wide assortment of aesthetic medicine drugs from well-known brands;
  • A reasonable pricing system (our website offers the best possible Orthovisc cost);
  • Fast worldwide delivery.

Please note: In order to place an order on our website, you have to be a certified health care provider.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team before, during, or after the purchase. We are looking forward to becoming your supplier of Orthovisc and other drugs that might substantially boost the health condition of your patients!

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