Is Filler Fatigue Real?
Date: 30 Aug 2023
Authors: Olivia Drake

Dermal fillers are among the most trendy non-surgical options available for facial rejuvenation nowadays. Thanks to the variety of ingredients, different formulas, and other beneficial characteristics, any person can fulfill their needs with facial filler and forget about such problems as skin aging and wrinkles for a long time.

However, some people tend to idealize the treatment, and it may even seem like they can’t get enough of it. Consequently, they can experience such an unfortunate condition as “dermal filler fatigue.” What is this issue, and is it really dangerous? How to prevent the problem? This question, and many more interesting ones, will be answered in this article. Join FillerCloud to enrich your knowledge and become an expert in the aesthetic medicine sphere!

What Is Filler Fatigue?

Facial fillers are effective for many cosmetic purposes. By using them, people can rejuvenate skin, eliminate wrinkles, enhance lips, improve facial contours, and experience numerous other exciting things. However, knowing when to stop is vital here because, even though you may think “the more – the merrier,” it’s not always true.

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Dermal filler fatigue is a condition that can develop if a patient gets too much gel administered repeatedly. As a result, the skin becomes saggier and droops after the product dissolves; it obviously affects one’s appearance and can make it even worse than it was before dermal filler administration. Dermis cannot bounce back to its original outlook, facial anatomy changes, and skin stretches to its maximum due to excessive solution presence.

We believe anyone would agree that a natural-looking plump look is much better than an overfilled expression. However, sometimes such situations happen by accident and not by someone’s wish; for example, sometimes it may be the fault of an inexperienced practitioner or a patient who doesn’t really understand the expected outcome of the treatment.

If filler fatigue occurs, it’s important to notice it as soon as possible and start acting towards recovery. Some specialists recommend using hyaluronidase to dissolve excess hyaluronic acid gel and save skin laxity; others say it’s better to wait and only use minimal doses in the future to support the effect without really changing one’s facial structure. Still, one thing remains unchangeable – as soon as this problem is noticed, it’s essential to take it under control to prevent unfortunate conditions that may be caused by filler fatigue syndrome.

Signs of Filler Fatigue

To avoid filler fatigue, be aware of the following signs:

  • Prominent bulging in the administration area;
  • Noticeable facial tightness (it seems like the face is stretched);
  • Puffiness that lasts for weeks after the injection session;
  • Atypical facial contours;
  • Flatness around the nose and mouth;
  • Inability to close the lips all the way;
  • Muscle tension to the point a person cannot move them freely;
  • Sagging or drooping skin becomes noticeable after the filler dissolves.

Cosmetic surgery is an excellent option for those who want their appearance perfected quickly and safely; however, for it to be successful, it’s crucial to choose an experienced professional who can calculate the number of units according to one’s goals, perform the treatment correctly, and help immediately if something goes wrong.

Common Causes of Filler Fatigue

Now that we know the definition of filler fatigue, let’s look closely at some of the most common causes; understanding those can sometimes be the key factor in skin treatment, so read and remember to use this information for your benefit later.

According to medical experts, these are some of the most common causes of dermal filler fatigue:

  • High procedure frequency. If a person uses dermal fillers and other treatments too often, the skin develops a tired expression as it doesn’t have enough time to rest and get used to the changes incorporated during the session. The best thing you can do is to discuss the schedule with a board-certified professional for a safe experience;
  • Unrealistic expectations and filler overuse. Sometimes, people look at retouched celebrities on magazine covers and want to achieve the same effect in real life. Well, we are sorry to disappoint you, but 99% of the time, that’s impossible because photos are too far from reality. Still, some beauticians agree to perform the treatment nonetheless and end up administering more filler than needed. As a result, skin elasticity is damaged, and the appearance in general becomes saggier;
  • Gravitation. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Gravity constantly pulls soft tissues down, so already gained filler fatigue and skin laxity become even worse with time. Of course, HA injectables are meant to restore lost volume and contour the face, but overdoing it may have unpleasant consequences, so keep that in mind before considering going all in during the procedure;
  • Inexperienced plastic surgeons. Knowing when to stop is an essential skill for a specialist. Using too much filler can cause numerous problems that are difficult to take under control. That’s why we always emphasize searching for a reliable and experienced doctor who can develop the treatment plan, discuss aesthetic goals, and recommend the best formula for the procedure.

dermal fillers for lips

Understanding the cause may help prevent and avoid unfortunate conditions like filler fatigue, so being aware of all potential risks is already the first step to success.

Can I Avoid This Condition?

In case you want to stop the aging process but are still afraid of all the conditions, we have good news for you. Filler patients can follow some recommendations to have the best experience. It doesn’t matter whether you choose jawline filler or hyaluronic acid injectable for lips – a more youthful appearance can be reached if you follow these simple rules:

  • Use small portions of filler for each appointment. Even though there is an option to dissolve HA gel if too much of it is used by accident, it’s better to have a few sessions and add the product gradually to reach the desired results;
  • Choose an appropriate dermal filler type. There are a few options of injectable fillers you may choose from: hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid are the most common ones when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Some can boost decreased collagen, while others work well for lost volume restoration. Considering all the options is an essential step to a successful treatment, so talking to a medical professional is highly recommended;
  • Wait before scheduling the next appointment. The filler needs time to settle and start working, so setting another appointment a week after having the previous one is a little bit rushed. The best way to plan everything wisely is together with a specialist who can be trusted with this delicate process;
  • Choose other helpful procedures for your routine. Dermal fillers can often be combined with other aesthetic treatments, like mesotherapy and Botox. With their help, you can achieve natural-looking results and smooth out skin without harming it with filler fatigue. Once again, all the options can be discussed in a doctor’s office.

The Bottom Line: Is Filler Fatigue Real?

Dermal fillers for a youthful appearance are one of the most common ways to boost one’s looks and help people forget the skin aging problem. This issue is the reason for numerous self-esteem superstitions, so it’s nice we now have an excellent option for controlling the outlooks, dealing with wrinkles and lines, and solving many other conditions.

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However, while being big fans of cosmetic fillers, some people tend to overdo it because of the false belief that “the more – the merrier.” Because of that, they may experience filler fatigue, which is an unfortunate condition typical for those who use injectable fillers too much. Now, you know all the essentials about this problem and the best ways to avoid it, so we hope this article can help you pursue the appearance of your dreams without risking your health. Stay safe!

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