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“Beauty is an art. We made it a science,” – this motto of Fillmed explains its philosophy perfectly well. Namely, the brand has a scientific approach to research and production of cosmetic products that are used to enhance the beauty of their clients.

While standing side-by-side with such well-known aesthetic medicine trademarks as Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra, and many others, Fillmed has its own peculiarities and product range. So, let us take a closer look at them.

About the Fillmed (Filorga) Brand

Fillmed is a brand of cosmetic products of different kinds (starting from the Fillmed skin perfusion products and ending with eye creams) that are marketed as anti-aging solutions. While being extensively used by aesthetic professionals worldwide, their aim is to substantially improve the patients’ skin quality.

Due to its efficiency, the Fillmed brand is beloved by both health care practitioners and their patients. Therefore, let us have a short overview of its manufacturer, ingredients, and technologies.

Please note: Up until 2018, Fillmed was marketed under the trademark Filorga.

The Manufacturer

Fillmed is manufactured by Laboratoires FILLMED (France). After being founded in 1978, the company has developed into the so-called pharmaceutical giant with numerous products for surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic practitioners.

These days, Laboratoires FILLMED specializes in a wide range of cosmetic products that support the idea of positive pro-ageing. Thus, it puts an emphasis on minimally-invasive solutions that ensure a natural-looking result.

Active Ingredients

Fillmed products have a thoroughly thought-out and unique composition. The main active ingredient of most of them is hyaluronic acid (HA). When being more precise, the brand employs a synthetic HA of non-animal origin.

Please note: Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring in the human body substance that impacts the quality of a person’s skin. Thus, its synthetic variation is oftentimes employed in cosmetic products.

As well, some injectable Fillmed products might also include lidocaine, which serves as a local anesthetic to reduce the painful sensation during the treatment.


All Fillmed products are produced with the help of advanced manufacturing technologies. Due to their years of expertise in aesthetic medicine, Fillmed professionals have come up with a variety of methods of how to make their products innovative, qualitative, and efficient.

For instance, the main technology that is involved in the production of the Fillmed fillers is called TRI-HYAL. It employs the combination of three different hyaluronic acid types in order to achieve an optimal result of the treatment.

Another innovation of the Fillmed brand is the launch of the NanoSoft needle. While being virtually one of the smallest needles on the market of aesthetic medicine, it ensures a comfortable and pain-free injection.

Therefore, technologies that are oftentimes employed by the medical aesthetic professionals of Fillmed belong to innovational anti-ageing solutions.

The Fillmed Product Range

The brand of Fillmed has an extensive range of aesthetic products, starting from anti-ageing creams and ending with night balms. Namely, the main types of solutions it produces are:

  • Dermal fillers;
  • Peels;
  • NCTF solutions;
  • Holistic skin rejuvenation programs.

All of the above-mentioned types of Fillmed products have their own implications. For example, while fillers are mainly employed to correct different skin imperfections (starting from superficial lines and ending with deep wrinkles), peeling products are used to renew skin tissues. NCTF solutions, in their turn, work as revitalizers for tired or dull skin. And, last but not least, holistic skin rejuvenation programs enhance the overall appearance of a patient’s skin.

In general, all Fillmed solutions improve skin quality. By means of employing different active ingredients and technologies, they lead to profoundly revitalized and perfected skin.

Below, you will find a detailed overview of Fillmed dermal fillers.

Fillmed Fillers

Probably the most extensively used and actively marketed anti-ageing products of Fillmed are fillers. They might be characterized as professional cosmetic injectables based on hyaluronic acid (HA) that are actively involved in different aesthetic treatments.

Fillmed fillers might be divided into two main collections, namely:

  • Art Filler collection;
  • Beauty-HA collection.

While each above-mentioned collection, in its turn, includes a number of its own featured products. So, let us take a closer look at them.

Art Filler Collection

The Art collection of Fillmed fillers consists of HA-based cosmetic injectables of non-animal origin that are widely used for a number of aesthetic procedures. Namely, these products:

  • Correct different types of skin imperfections (from superficial wrinkles to deep lines);
  • Restore the facial volume and contour;
  • Plump lips.

Please note: Most fillers from the Fillmed Art collection include lidocaine and, therefore, make the injection process as painless as possible.

Fillmed Art fillers are manufactured with the help of advanced Tri-Hyal technology. Therefore, they combine three following types of hyaluronic acid:

  • Free HA;
  • Long-chained HA;
  • Very long-chained HA.

This balanced HA combination leads to profound improvements in a patient’s skin elasticity, smoothness, and quality.

The Fillmed filler collection includes these basic products:

While all of the above-mentioned cold-chain products have their own peculiarities and indications, it is worthy to take a detailed look at them.

Fine Lines Filler

As its name suggests, the Fine Lines Filler primarily aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Its composition contains HA of 20 mg/ml and lidocaine.

Universal Filler

The Universal Filler of the Fillmed Art Collection is a little bit more concentrated than the Fine Lines one. While having HA of 25 mg/ml and lidocaine in its composition, it is mainly used to fill wrinkles of medium to large size. Additionally, it might be administered into lip tissues.

Volume Filler

The Volume Filler is just as concentrated as the Universal one. It is also based on 25 mg/ml HA combined with lidocaine. The main implication of the Volume Filler is the restoration of the facial volume and contour.

Lips Filler

The Lips Filler as well includes 25 mg/ml HA and lidocaine. It is primarily used to plump lip tissues. Moreover, the Lips Filler is a reasonable solution when it comes to the definition of lip contour.

Lips Soft Filler

The Lips Soft Filler is pretty similar to the Lips one. It also includes 25 mg/ml HA and lidocaine. However, the product’s main implications do not only include the restoration of the lip volume but also the treatment of perioral lines around the mouth.

Please note: The principal difference between the above-mentioned fillers lies in different percentages of free, long-chained, and very-long-chained HA in their composition. As well, they should be administered with the help of different needle sizes.

Beauty-HA Collection

Another collection of Fillmed fillers is called Beauty-HA. It consists of two cosmetic injectables that are based on HA of non-animal origin. Similar to the above-mentioned Art collection of Fillmed fillers, the Beauty-HA one is used to:

  • Treat age-related skin imperfections (such as crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and other wrinkles);
  • Add volume to certain facial parts (like chin, cheeks, or mid-face) and, therefore, contour them;
  • Augment lip tissues.

Please note: Unlike the Art collection of Fillmed fillers, the Beauty-HA one consists of products that do not have lidocaine in their composition.

Both products in the Beauty-HA collection are produced with the help of HA of high molecular weight that is achieved as a result of bio-fermentation and BDDE crosslinking.

Two fillers in the Beauty-HA collection are:

  • X-HA Filler;
  • X-HA Volume Filler.

Thus, let us go through the description of them both.

X-HA Filler

The X-HA Filler is a cosmetic injectable that is based on 23 mg/ml HA. It is used to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles. As well, it is an efficient solution when it comes to the enhancement of a patient’s lip tissues.

X-HA Volume Filler

The X-HA Volume Filler is also based on 23 mg/ml HA. However, it is mainly applied to get rid of very severe wrinkles and reshape the contour of a patient’s face by means of adding volume to certain facial parts.

Please note: The main difference between both above-mentioned fillers from the Fillmed Beauty-HA collection lies in the degree of their cross-linking.

Where to Buy Fillmed (Filorga) Fillers Online?

You might conveniently buy Fillmed fillers online on our website. Here is the list of main benefits we offer to our clients:

  • A great selection of professional cosmetic injectables;
  • A reasonable pricing system (including advantageous bonuses);
  • A fast worldwide delivery.

Please note: We are accepting pre-orders for cosmetic injectables only from licensed health care providers.

So, order the needed product at any time and remember that you can always contact our customer support team in case you have any questions.

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