Botox Statistics 2024: How Many People Get Botox on a Regular Basis and What Are Its Current Trends?
Date: 21 Feb 2024
Authors: Melanie Elmer
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According to most Botox patients and their healthcare providers worldwide, botulinum toxin injections have been among the most advantageous cosmetic procedures for overall skin rejuvenation and enhancement in 2023. But is it going to remain so in 2024? And what to expect from the global Botox market this year? Find answers to these questions by reading our research!

General Information on Botox

Before delving into the current Botox statistics, let us go through the general information on this minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

Above anything else, it is worth mentioning that a Botox injection is a procedure intended for professional use. Only a board-certified healthcare provider (for instance, a cosmetic surgeon, a dermatologist, or a cosmetologist) is eligible to inject botulinum toxin into a patient’s body.

Botulinum toxin, in turn, is the main active substance employed in the composition of Botox. It is a powerful muscle relaxant that temporarily blocks nerve signals attached to muscles around the injection site and, therefore, substantially reduces muscle contraction.

According to Botox usage statistics, its muscle-relaxing properties are frequently used to address both aesthetic and medical issues. In other words, it is not only a cosmetic product but also an effective medical treatment. Here is the list of the main problems that might be eliminated by a Botox procedure:

  • When used for aesthetic purposes, botulinum toxins have received an FDA-approval to treat wrinkles of dynamic origin (including bunny lines, nasolabial folds, forehead lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines, and other visible wrinkles around the treated area). Also, they are effective when it comes to the reduction of the so-called “gummy smile” and the improvement of a visually thin upper lip;
  • When used for medical purposes, a Botox procedure functions as an effective method to treat strabismus (also known as “crossed eyes”), hyperhidrosis (or, in other words, excessive sweating), chronic migraine, overactive bladder, and muscle pain.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the average age for Botox treatment is primarily related to the purposes it is used for. For instance, aesthetic treatment with the help of botulinum toxin is a prerogative of patients over the age of 25, while the medical treatment that involves Botox is also frequently used by much younger patients. The average person who uses Botox injections on a regular basis, however, is a woman of the age of 35.

Last but not least, it is essential to highlight that the results Botox patients are expected to experience are not permanent. As Botox stats show, they tend to last from a couple of months to half a year and strongly depend on a patient’s age, skin type, health condition, and even lifestyle. Moreover, these results might be substantially prolonged by periodical touch-up injections.

Top 10 Botox Statistics Facts in 2024

After going through the general information on Botox, it is high time to delve into the top 10 Botox statistic facts in 2024.

#1. The global Botox market size is expected to be valued at more than $5500 million in 2024

Above anything else, it is worth mentioning that the size of the global Botox market is expected to continue rising rapidly. According to Business Report Research, it is expected to be valued at around $5632.28 million, mainly due to the fast-growing popularity of injections of botulinum toxins.

#2. United States, Canada, Germany, UK, and France are leading the global market of Botox

As visible from the Business Report Research report, the top 5 countries that are currently leading the global market of Botox demographics are the United States, Canada, Germany, the UK, and France. Here, Botox treatment has almost become an integral part of pop culture.

#3. North America will contribute more than 50% to the global market growth

Adding to the above-mentioned fact, it is worth mentioning that North America is expected to contribute more than 50% to the global market growth (as stated in the Technavio report). It again underlines the role of the United States in this regard.

#4. Aesthetic Botox use will occupy 60% of the overall Botox use in the global market

As Technavio shows, the majority of Botox patients use it for aesthetic purposes. A more precise answer to the question of how much Botox is going to be used as a part of plastic surgery equals around 60%. This means that the primary goal of all performed Botox injections is to enhance the appearance of a patient by reducing wrinkles, taking care of a gummy smile, or performing a lip flip.

On a related note, the question “What is the most popular area for Botox injections?” is worth answering. When undergoing the treatment for aesthetic purposes, the majority of Botox patients prefer to reduce forehead wrinkles. Thus, the most popular area for Botox injections is the forehead zone.


#5. The size of the global market of Botox is expected to grow by around 10% in 2024

As is already mentioned above, the overall size of the global market of Botox is expected to be valued at more than $5500 million in 2024, which means that is going to grow by around 10% if compared to 2023. These statistics are explicitly discussed in Technavio.


#6. Botox will be primarily used as a preventative measure this year

According to APT Medical Aesthetics, surveyed Americans, Canadians, Germans, and other people worldwide plan to undergo an injection of Botox as a preventative measure in 2024. In other words, they plan to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and other skin imperfections with the help of botulinum toxin rather than reduce the already existing signs of aging.

#7. Botox injections are expected to be combined with other aesthetic procedures for optimal results

This year, Botox procedures are expected to be combined with other aesthetic procedures with the purpose of achieving optimal results, as mentioned by APT Medical Aesthetics. Namely, insertions of PDO threads, injections of dermal fillers, and mesotherapies are considered the most compatible with treatments that involve botulinum toxin injections.

#8. AbbVie will continue to be the key player in the global botulinum toxin market

The manufacturer of Botox is Allergan (now a part of AbbVie). According to Technavio, it is going to continue playing a key role in the global botulinum toxin market. This way, an injection of Botox is going to remain the most popular procedure among other injections of botulinum toxin.

#9. Natural-looking results of Botox will be on the verge of popularity this year

APT Medical Aesthetics states that a Botox injection will be primarily used with the aim of achieving natural-looking results this year. In other words, the majority of Botox patients will undergo the treatment to maintain their natural beauty rather than drastically change their outer appearance.

#10. A significant rise in the global Botox market is expected by the end of 2024

As Business Report Research shows, a significant rise in the global market of Botox injections is expected by the end of 2024. More and more patients from different ethnic groups (including African Americans, Asians, Europeans, and so on) are going to choose them as minimally invasive alternatives to plastic surgery.

#11. The average age for Botox injections

Most common age group: The 40-54 age group typically uses Botox the most. In 2020, 2,503,229 people ages 40-54 received Botox, followed by the 55-69 age range with 1,010,138 treatments.

Average age: While a true average can be misleading due to variations, studies suggest the average first-time Botox user falls between 38 and 50 years old.

Gender: It’s important to note that these statistics primarily represent women, who make up roughly 85% of Botox users. The average age for men may differ slightly.

A Bottom Line

We hope that the above-mentioned Botox statistics provided you with deeper insights into the development of a Botox sphere in 2024. So, how about using this information to get fully ready for the main Botox trends this year?

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This article has been created exclusively for informative purposes. It features the generalized 2024 Botox statistics in regard to the global market trends.

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