Transformations Unveiled: Witness the Power of Xeomin Before and After
Date: 8 Jun 2023
Authors: Melanie Elmer

Botulinum toxin type A is an injectable widely used in the cosmetic medicine sphere. This solution can provide long-lasting results, pause muscle contraction, and thus postpone the occurrence of lines and wrinkles. No wonder many people want to try this option before considering extreme measures, such as plastic surgeries or cosmetic threads for skin lifting.

Xeomin is one of the numerous brands that contain botulinum toxin as its active ingredient; the product is safe and can fulfill numerous aesthetic needs for various patients, so it definitely has a good reputation in this sphere. Still, it’s essential to have realistic expectations when planning the injection session; yes, Xeomin is effective, but it can’t do magic, so we highly recommend consulting with a medical professional to set achievable goals for the treatment. Let’s discuss before and after Xeomin outcomes, as well as some useful tips on what to do prior to the appointment to ensure a safe and successful recovery time.

Xeomin Working Principle and Effectiveness

Xeomin is one of the best creations of the Merz Pharmaceuticals company; its ability to stop muscle contraction makes it one of the best anti-wrinkle injection people use to maintain younger and smoother skin.

After the solution is administered into the target muscles, it requires some time to get to the nerve endings and block them. On average, seven to ten days are needed for this process, but it depends greatly on certain factors, including a patient’s age, the size of the treated zone, and some other nuances.

It’s important to remember that Xeomin, like any other injectable in aesthetic medicine, is a temporary treatment, meaning the effect of the product wears off after some time. On average, it takes up to four months for the body to get Xeomin out of its system; however, the results can be supported with the help of regular maintenance treatments. A doctor should plan a schedule according to one’s needs to ensure the appearance remains as good as right after the administration session.

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Target Areas for the Treatment

Xeomin injectables work perfectly to eliminate dynamic wrinkles caused by active facial expressions. Typically, specialists recommend this brand for the following areas:

  • Glabellar lines (located between the eyebrows);
  • Forehead wrinkles (also referred to as frown lines);
  • Smoker lines (creases in the mouth corners).

Sometimes, it’s impossible to reach desired effect with just one injection session; in this case, maintenance treatment should be planned approximately 2-3 weeks after the first procedure.xeomin dynamic wrinkles


Mind that deep creases can’t be eliminated with botulinum toxins. It is better to use hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers like Juvederm for volume loss and deep wrinkles like nasolabial folds. 

Xeomin Injections Before and After Improvement

The benefits of Xeomin and other botulinum toxin injections (like Botox) motivate people to consider this option among all others available on the market. It’s crucial to work with a board-certified doctor experienced in this type of work to ensure its success and provide the expected results. Perfect knowledge of facial anatomy is another demand that shouldn’t be ignored, as Xeomin is useless if administered under the skin instead of the target muscles.

After the procedure, staying in touch with a medical professional to document the recovery process and warn them if anything goes wrong is important. Remember, the main thing in this type of treatment is to guarantee the highest levels of safety for the individual, so ensure you work with an experienced specialist.

Xeomin Before and After Treatment Recommendations

There is no guarantee that Xeomin will provide desired results after the first try; still, some recommendations can increase the chances of successful treatment. Below, the most helpful options will be mentioned.

Before the Procedure

Prior to the injection session, the patient should follow these pieces of advice to ensure the whole process will be as unproblematic and comfortable as possible:

  • Exclude medications with blood-thinning abilities. Ask the doctor about analogs before the injection session. If that’s not possible, consider Xeomin analogs to be safe during the process;
  • Don’t schedule other cosmetic treatments right before having Xeomin administered. It includes chemical peelings, dermal filler injections, and others;
  • Discuss procedure protocol with a medical professional. If all the nuances are considered in advance, it’s easier to provide a pleasant experience to a customer and reduce the level of pre-injection anxiety.

Sometimes, some individual recommendations may be given to a person, so it’s essential to have a pre-treatment consultation with a specialist to cover all the important details.

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Aftercare Recommendations

As for the aftercare recommendations, the list here is rather similar to the pieces of advice for any other cosmetic procedure. Here they are:

  • The face shouldn’t be rubbed or massaged for at least 24 hours to prevent the solution from migrating to neighboring areas;
  • Alcohol should be excluded from the diet for at least two days to reduce the chances of extreme bruising;
  • A person shouldn’t visit a gym for at least three days to ensure Xeomin won’t spread out to the zones near the target ones;
  • Such places as saunas, hot tubs, and solariums shouldn’t be visited, just like all other places with excess heat;
  • It’s better to sleep on the back to not squish the face against the pillow and prevent the solution from spreading.

If anything disturbs an individual, they should get in touch with a doctor to consult. Safety is the main thing in this type of procedure, so informing a specialist about adverse reactions can be incredibly helpful in keeping a patient healthy and satisfied with the procedure’s outcomes.

The Bottom Line: More About Xeomin Injections

Xeomin is a botulinum type A injection used mainly to prevent aging signs in patients of different ages. It’s used primarily for individuals in their twenties – early thirties; still, many people can benefit from it. If the procedure is performed correctly, the improvement should last, on average, from three to five months; however, this factor is rather personal as each body reacts differently to Xeomin. That’s it for today’s article; stay safe!

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